Digital Camera Choice

  BigAl127 18:28 20 Jul 2004

Having spent several hours looking at different specs, I have narrowed my choice down to the following four cameras:-

Canon Powershot A75 £178.90
Canon Powershot A80 £198.90
Fuji Finepix S3000 £189.90
Fuji Finepix F700 £229.90

Any views on the best choice for a keen amateur, would be grateful, as different media is used, different battery types, mains etc. Overall which would anyone say is the best bargain. I do intend to go into Jessops and try out my final choices before parting with my cash.

All advice appreciated.

  accord 18:34 20 Jul 2004

have you looked at the HP R707 click here web offer £199.00 5.1mp 3x optical zoom

  accord 18:35 20 Jul 2004

also, go for the one with the most megapixels and optical zoom and forget about digi zoom

  oresome 19:06 20 Jul 2004

Beware cameras with custom batteries. The camera designs change that rapidly that a custom battery may be difficult to obtain in 3 years time if it only fits the one camera, whilst AA cells will be around forever and be much cheaper.

  BigAl127 19:18 20 Jul 2004

Thanks accord.

I'll have a look at the HP R707 that you suggested.

But my main concerns are Things like Storage media ( Compact, SD, XD etc) Batteries (AA, Lithium-Ion. I'd posted previously with regards Optical & digital zoom, and was advised that optical is more important.

I realise that what I gain on one, i'll probably lose out elsewhere on something else.

Any further advice on any aspect apppreciated.

  961 19:18 20 Jul 2004

Buy Canon for the quality of their lens

Ensure you get an optical zoom

Anything over 3 megapixels will be fine

Budget to buy a larger memory card

  Newuser2 19:53 20 Jul 2004

I've got the Fuji S3000 & I've no complaints.
It takes great pics & uses standard batteries.
I use rechargables, much cheaper in the long run.
One point is make sure the batteries are fully charged when you transfer pics to your PC.

  one23 20:22 20 Jul 2004

I purchased the Canon A80 about 3 months ago and have just come back from 2 weeks in Greece where I gave the camera it's first major outing. In all I took about 300 shots . The results were very good with very little post shot manipulation required . Colours were beautifully saturated with plenty of depth .

The other thing that impressed me was the battery life , I only did one change and that was towards the end of the holiday. I used 2300 Ni-Mh.

One of the main reasons I like the A80 is the the various control options and the very intuitive menue.

I paid a lot more than today's £ 198 and have no regrets.

  BigAl127 21:58 20 Jul 2004

Thanks to everyone so far.

One23, where do you get your 2300Ni-mh rechargeable batteries from and which brand? I've searched the net and found quite a variation in price. Much the same as buying cheapo makes off the market, and top of the range duracell.

  accord 22:31 20 Jul 2004

my advise is to purchase a larger memory card, 128mb will suffice together with a card reader, this is so so easier than connecting the camera to pc via usb lead.

Im not sure what the ones you are looking for use but i was lucky with my first digi camera as it used SD cards. Now my PDA, Digicamcorder and mobile phone all use SD cards. My Sony camera uses Memory stick but thats the way it goes i suppose.

If this is your first digital camera, you will be amazed at the quality and ease of use of these babies. Once youve been bitten by the bug its very hard to let go, i still find myself taking pictures just for the sake of it.

I have just been looking at some of my past photos and cant belive how well they came out, most of them by using the manual settings aswell. My first camera was the Kyocera S5 5mp. Fantastic little camera and dirt cheap now. click here i paid £400 for it, its now £275.

Have look at these sites for more info and price comparisons. i can recommend Park Cameras, very very good advise given.

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Hope all this helps in some way.


  BigAl127 23:30 20 Jul 2004


I've got a Fuji Finepix 201 2Megapixel which I now want to upgrade. I already have a 6 in 1 card reader, which should come in use whichever camera I decide on. I heed your advise on the size of memory card (as in all cases you can never have enough memory).

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