Digital Camera: Are they Worth Buying?

  Wirral Bagpuss 21:38 01 May 2003

I have a dilema!!. I am tempted by a damn good offer in Dixons for an Olympus digital £350. (64mb meg card thrown in deal too!) But i am wondering is it worth the expense? Please help as i am SO tempted but as i get paid a low wage i don't want to waste my money!!

  rins36 21:51 01 May 2003

had a digital camera for about 2/3 years & i would be without it, i love the way u can view the pics u have taken & delete & re take if they are not wht u want. I would shop around & get the best offer going, i think pcworld are doing a deal for £99. Check out there site, pcworld are not one of my fav ppl to buy from but the offer seems a good one, if i did not have a digi camera i would go for this one

Hope this helps

  rins36 21:54 01 May 2003

excuse typing errors.....should say & i would not be without it

  cdb 22:07 01 May 2003

They are convenient for taking pix and being able to see them straight away or on the pc when you get home. I have a Fuji finepix 4800z and aren't overly impressed with the reliabilty of the pictures it takes. Indoors they can be very dark, outdoors they can be over exposed, and you have to anticipate the shot abit because of the delay between pressing the shutter and the picture being taken. Makes for alot of missed shots.

  rins36 22:31 01 May 2003


This my sound a stupid question, but did u use the flash with the pics taken in home? I have taken pics in the home & outside & had no probs at all. How long have u had the camera?

It takes time to know how to use a digi & a normal camera

Hope this helps

  DieSse 22:34 01 May 2003

"Digital Camera: Are they Worth Buying?" is a value judgement only you can make for your circumstances - versus what you want to use it for.

Digital cameras are stll more expensive than traditional film cameras - but they are more convenient if you have a PC.

I have to say that £350 for a digital camera is quite a sum, for a non-budget camera. You can get a perfectly respectable camera with 1.3 to 2 million pixels - which will take decent pictures, for under £200.

Look here for a good selection all under £200, as examples. click here

  jospar 22:50 01 May 2003

I've just brought one tody, It cost £138, it has 3.3 million pixels, zoom lens, plenty of different set ups movie player but no sound, it has only 8mb of internal memory, but has SD merory card slot which can take upto 256mb of memory, taken a couple of pictuers with it and on first sight my fish tank looks pretty good indeed, oh by the way I brought it at Asda's, that is after checking PCworld,comets and also being tempted into currys with there placard saying MASSIVE clearance sale on digital cam recorders and camera's! One camera did have £170 pounds off but it still cost £340, the other 10? had between £10 and £30 ponds off, I was gutted no good deals and had to comment to the saleman, that you really coundn't class it has a mass stock clearance sell!!! give him his due he did go off and had a word with the manager to see if there was anything else he could do for me, but sadly not, I shall post back after the weekend and let you know how the camera is going and what I think weather I really did get a good deal?

  pj123 22:55 01 May 2003

Just seen an offer of a Digital Camera from Aldi.

Specification is good, 4.0 megapixels. 3 x optical zoom. Takes an SD card (secure digital)

Never heard of the make but the price is £199.

  The Pretender 22:57 01 May 2003

You could do what I did and buy a refurb Fuji Finepix ZOOM with 12 months Fuji guarantee for £129 from click here Makes Dixons look dear!

  jospar 23:40 01 May 2003

I couldn't wait until after the weekend, just done a test print of the photos I took, also check the movie clip, amazing is all I could say, i'm one hell of a happy bunny!

defenition 10/10
contrast 10/10
resalution 10/10 (standard large photo size)
ease of use 10/10

I think I got myself a bargin!

final check on quaility of picture is I'm going to ask my friends son what he thinks, as he is a perfessional photogapher, I let you know what he said!

p.s sorry about the spelling not one of my strong points!

A digital camera is a lot more convenient than a normal camera but what i dont like about them is the battery life, they eat them.

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