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  pooh two 21:58 17 May 2003

Hi. Can anyboby help? ALDI (the supermarket chain) are advertising "The Traveler"4 mega pixel digital camera for £199.99p. it sounds very cheap, has anybody heard of it and is it any good, or are you buying what you pay for?

  Morpheus© 23:39 17 May 2003

you get what you pay for, nothing worse than waking up in the cold grey light of morning to realize you have done a wrong un....then you are stuck with it,long after the price has been forgotten.....

well, thats how i see it :-)

  bryrach 00:31 18 May 2003

That is a great deal and as long as you get a reciept, the shop can't refuse to give you a refund if it doesn't work or if it breaks. Its not too important about the least the camera's brand new.

  Rose 08:26 18 May 2003

I saw this advertised and have researched 'till I'm fed up with the subject. There is little info available on the web as the camera is so new but Traveler do have their own web site and list info on the D1. A search in Google throws up another site or two but no reviews as such. Have compared the spec of the D1 with the specs of 10 cameras in a group test in this months PCW mag and it certainly compares very favourably on paper. Given the price it looks like a great deal but who can say for sure without trying it out? Having outgrown my beginner digital camera I'm on the lookout for a good intermediate level one and pricewise this looks like it might be it. I'm still looking but will probably go for it. If anyone can add any more info I too would be most grateful.

  davidg_richmond 09:02 18 May 2003

I always find that, in magazine megatests, the cheaper little-known brands do not come out very well against established brand names with digital cameras. Examples of this are BenQ, Jenoptik, etc. On paper they look good but in practice the quality didn't match up.

See if Aldi have any models that you can have a look at to check build quality & responsiveness, they may have some promotional literature or example prints too for actual picture quality.

  961 11:51 18 May 2003

Please can I suggest you consider a lower spec camera from Canon, Olympus or Nikon?

I owned a Canon 2 mp camera with a 3x zoom lens that produced terrific A4 prints. You can buy a Canon camera from somewhere like Internet Cameras Direct for well under £200 delivered and it will give you super results

Although I have now upgraded to a 4mp camera (also Canon)the old one still gives super results

The long established camera makers put the money into the lens and that is where you need it

  [email protected] 12:41 18 May 2003

pooh two.I may be of some assistance here as I started my Digital camera career from the bottom and worked up I'm about midway at present with a 4.3 megapixel Fuji not dissimilar to your proposed purchase.What I suggest you do is to go (Like I did) to Jessops camera people and ask to see and try out a range of make of cameras with the same spec as the one you are after and ask to take a picture with each in turn, Be cheeky and ask for the print out of each one maybe offer to pay for the paper and then buy Aldi's camera and draw your own conclusions as to quality etc. Be sure to take a picture with each camera of the same subject. It's amazing what an eager shop assistant will do for you with a hefty purchase in mind.

  antoni34 14:39 18 May 2003

I have an Olympus MJU 300 3.2MP digital camera and it`s brilliant.
So easy to download the pictures to my PC via USB lead.

Cost me £350 from Dixons

  spuds 20:03 18 May 2003

Most of Aldi special offers in the computer digital field, always seem to have had previous good responses. So I would think that this camera would also have reliable specifications.I have purchased some of their previous offers like cd roms and Medion 4 port hubs, and I have been very satisfied with my purchase.
With respect to davidg_richmonds suggestion, I do not think Aldi would go as far as having extra literature etc. Aldi are only in the market as a quick turn around merchant.
pooh two-If you are looking for a bigger range and a true photographic customer support, then I would suggest click here

  shifty 20:22 21 May 2003

You can get a superb Fuji finepix 2800 zoom for less than £200. I paid around £300 for mine in September last year and have recently seen advertisements selling them for as little as £180. You can get a cracking Canon digital for the same money.

  Stuartli 22:45 21 May 2003

Jenoptik was once a leading name in camera and optical manufacture but many of its digital cameras are/were rebadged models manufactured by Taiwanese company Minton Optical Company Ltd.

It has a website where you can see some of the Jenoptik clones - ironically the few outlets for Minton in the UK sell them far cheaper than the Jenoptik versions.

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