carver 19:09 14 Feb 2011

Sorry about this but not quite sure whether it should be in here or help room.

My son starts college this year and because of his Autism needs help, it has been suggested by the college that he can use a digipen to help him take notes for his work.

The question is, is there a difference in these pens or are they all nearly the same thing.

  Forum Editor 19:56 14 Feb 2011

is the Echo Smartpen by Livescribe.

It isn't cheap at around £170, and you have to add the cost of the special digipen paper which must be used. The paper is necessary whichever digipen you buy, because these pens work by reading a dot grid that's pre-printed on the paper.

Your son will also need Optical Character Recognition software on his laptop, so the pen's data can be converted to text files. That's not too expensive, but it all adds up.

  Forum Editor 19:57 14 Feb 2011
  carver 21:33 14 Feb 2011

Thanks for for the info, I've never had any need for one so do not know any thing about them.

My son has trouble putting pen to paper and it was suggested that at least with one of these if he has trouble keeping up with the written work in class at least he can record everything thats spoken.

  wee eddie 23:14 14 Feb 2011

a Pocket Memo. click here

I have used one of these and review the recordings later. click here

  Forum Editor 23:39 14 Feb 2011

and written, Your son can put a written mark against anything that he feels is important and then later on he can tap the mark and the pen will go straight to that point and begin replaying the audio recording.

Once he gets the hang of using it he'll realise that he doesn't have to worry about keeping up with his note-taking. He'll develop his own methodology of short notes backed up with the complete audio record. These pens are pretty amazing when you get into them.

The one in my link will record up to 800 hours of everything your son writes and hears.

I hope he enjoys his time at college.

  wee eddie 23:43 14 Feb 2011

If you are recording a lecture you should, out of good manners, ask the lecturer beforehand if it is acceptable.

p.p.s. I used mine for Stocktaking and recording Staff Interviews, particularly when members of the opposite sex were involved. I always made it plain that a recording was being made and offered a copy to the interviewee.

  carver 08:06 15 Feb 2011

Thats a completely different thing to what he needs but thanks any way.

My son's Autism means that his written work can be a bit slow to put down on paper, he hasn't learnt English the way most people do but by having to learn every word and how to spell that word to memory so when writing he can have problems and some thing like that digipen should take the stress away.

  wee eddie 08:54 15 Feb 2011

when I chose to write a note about what a lecturer had just said, I missed what the lecturer said next.

Bearing that in mind, (I am now told that I have been an Aspie (not identified/invented in the 50's) all my life and, as such, had my own problems but nothing comparable to his, and your Child's requirement to concentrate hard while writing. Recording a Lecture, so that he could concentrate on the Lecture, during the Lecture, and review it later, would be as useful, if not more so and considerably cheaper with it.

However, as the Digipen, that FE has recommended, records the Audio as well as any notes that the user makes, I think that that covers all the bases.

  Forum Editor 12:24 15 Feb 2011

The point about the digipen is that it records the voice as well as text. You make cursory notes as a lecture proceeds, and you can make a mark in your notes if something is particularly important.

Then later on when you read through your notes and tap the pen point on your special marks it goes straight to that point in the audio recording and starts a replay - you don't have to wind back and forth through a tape to find a particular place.

  wee eddie 13:23 15 Feb 2011

That's what I thought I'd said. It sounds to be the very best of both worlds.

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