A different experience with PcOption

  ryan_blues 14:25 17 Mar 2008

Hi everyone, i am new to this forum and having ordered a new computer from pc option recently i noticed some of the articles on here in relation to the aforesaid company, so i thought i would give a rundown of my experiences with the company.

After much searching for a ready made customizable pc on a budget, being a student, i opted for pc option and a model costing around £75-100 cheaper than anywhere else i could find. I ordered on Frdiay February 1st, and receievd an automated reply telling me the order had been submitted for processing. A week later and i sent an email enquiring about the tracking status, and was told the computer would be dispatched next wednesday, all seemed to be going as planned, delivery within 7-10 working days.
Next wednesday came around and again i emailed just seeing if my order was ready for dispatch, to be told the pc would be dispatched on friday. Fair enough i thought seeing as i customised my pc quite a bit they may be waiting for an certain components. On friday i emailed again in the same vein but was told that they didn't know when my pc would be delivered which was slightly confusing.
I waited another week expecting notice of dispatch and it took until the 26th of february for my pc to be shipped out to me. However, as i ahve already stated i am a student and living aweay from home, i did give them my university(not halls of residence) address as the specified delivery address and in their confirmation emails they stated that this would be the delivery address. The day after the email confirming dispatch i received a phone call from my mum, saying that the computer had arrived at my home address(which was also my billing address) and not my specified delivery address. This brought up some issues in terms of if the goods were damaged in transit, for i would not be able to get home for two weeks. My mum had signed for the delivery and had not checked the goods for damage, therefore cancelling free replacement in case the goods had been accidentally damaged in transit. I also decided for her not to check them as she has little knowledge of computers. I emailed the company 3 times concerning my rights in case i was to find damaged goods when i returned home, after the three day period for replacement, but received no reply.
On arriving home two weeks later i was slightly nervous about the possible condition of my goods. If they were damaged surely i should be entitled to free repair and redelivery seeing as the reason i was unable to check them in the first place was because they were not delivered to the specified address.
Luckliy though my pc or monitor was not damaged atall and is working perfectly, everything was included and all the specs are as i ordered. Pc option appear to have done a great job in putting together my customised pc and in terms of the build quality i would recommend them to anyone on that alone.
However, i do wonder what would have happened if my pc had been accidentally damaged in transit or such like and how helpful the company would have been then, i would like to think it would have been sorted free of charge and returned within days. Overall i would say the quality of the build and the setting up of the software is excellent and 10/10, price is al 9/10(still not as cheap obv as USA), for customer service and delivery however it is more like 5/10 for each as they delivered to the wrong address(possibly delivery companys fault but i should have been informed)and ignored three of my emails i sent after the goods were dispacthed, giving them a total of around 7/10. If you want high quality builds at great prices then pc option are great, however thir customer service can be very hit and miss and delivery can taek atleast three weeks(17 working days in my case). This is just my experience however so i would look at everyones dealings with the company before making an informed choice, thanks for your time, Ryan.

  spuds 19:21 17 Mar 2008

Like all commodities, the proof of the pudding is when you want customer service, and how quick and efficient that turns out to be.

I can perhaps understand the point of delivery to the card holders address, so to perhaps prevent possible fraud. But you should have been notified of this at the time of sale, or at least before delivery was made. What would have happened, if there was no one to accept delivery or perhaps had given a wrong signature!.

  ryan_blues 19:55 17 Mar 2008

I agree if i do need to call on the company then that will be a true test of there ability to deal with customers. I understand delivery to the billing address was likely due to do with the difference between cardholders and delivery address, but as you say i should have been notified as there is no end of complications that could(luckily didn't!) have arisen from delivery to the wrong address.

  tillybaby 09:06 18 Mar 2008

Ryan-Blues it's great to hear that you're happy with your computer and also the build quality of it. Thank goodness nothing happened in transit because who knows what may have happened then?

The customer service is vitally important to me and many others because that's when a company really can come into it's own, once they have your money. That is another reason why I keep banging on about how pleased I was with Cougar Extreme, my computer completey packed up after a week, I phoned them, the courier picked up the computer when they said it would be picked up, the problem was a label had come off the graphics card, got stuck in the fans and so lots of things had burnt out, ( That's my explaination not the technical terms) Anyway, nobodys fault but as a precaution the company replaced many parts even though they didn't need to, phoned me to say when to expect my computer back and it was returned exactly when they said it would in perfect condition,

In the past I have been badly let down on the customer service part, Tiny computers was my first experience, then Mesh so I am so pleased of forums like PCA to make sure it doesn't happen again.

  Herr Minger 17:31 26 Mar 2008

Ryan_blues you should think yourself lucky. I am still waiting for mine from PC Option LTD, 5 weeks and 2 days later with no clear delivery date. Apparently theres a cpu supply problem.

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