difference between isps

  Jarigo 22:37 09 Apr 2005

I pay £26.99 per month to btinternet and I see that Tiscalli only costs £15.99 for the same package. Why.

  TomJerry 22:40 09 Apr 2005

Why do you pay £26.99 when you can get for £15.99?

  jbp1982 23:20 09 Apr 2005

Best just to shop around, look at what you do online usage wise and find a low cost package to suit.



  bremner 23:24 09 Apr 2005

As far as I can see:

Oon Tiscali you get 1MB broadband with a 2GB download limit for £15.99 click here

On BT you get 2MB broadband with a 15GB limit.click here

As usual you get what you pay for.

  Starfox 23:34 09 Apr 2005

"Why do you pay £26.99 when you can it get for £15.99?

Because they are not like for like.As bremner says they have very different download limits.
You can shop around but cheapest is not always best,depends on your needs.For example if you just do a little internet surfing and send a few e-mails then 2gb limit will be fine.

If on the other hand you download lots of films or music or if you play online games then you are going to need more than 15gb.

  jbp1982 23:40 09 Apr 2005

How about £24.99 you'll get 2meg with 30 gig limit? Thats on NTL. As starfox says they are not like for like, each ISP is gonna do something different to make their service unique, otherwise why would you move to them if everything was uniform??

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