Did you know you can claim up to £3000

  STREETWORK 19:00 05 Jul 2010

Well its only a matter of time before the claims brigade hot on the scene.

Over the last week i have had several cold calls, text messages, spam email, etc telling me that if I have been miss-sold insurance on an item I buy I could claim back up to £3000. some even suggesting that they have records to suggest this.

Do not do it. If you feel that you have been miss-sold insurance against a product, i.e. mobile phone, computer, etc. Do it yourself rather than get sucked in by these companies.

The last call I had refused to say how they got my number, what records they had, or even their company name.


  Forum Editor 19:51 05 Jul 2010

for the heads up on this. I know that some people have fallen for it, and your warning comes just at the right time.

  ams4127 20:26 05 Jul 2010

I've had quite a few of these calls too. I just keep them chatting about the weather, golf or anything for as long as I can. I then tell them that they are paying for the call and that I'm happy to chat all night long.

They seem to hang up pretty sharpish.

  jack 20:48 05 Jul 2010

on those that have purchased such warranties.

I have seen the ads on TV
Seen the Spam
Not had a phone call- having never purchased a
If you have perhaps you have purchased such a policy in the past.

  spuds 09:46 06 Jul 2010

Personally I am getting extremely fed-up with 'foreign' based phone calls during the day and into the evening, that seem to suggest that I can become a very rich person, if I use their services. Two such recorded calls seems to suggest that the UK government will help me 'get back' thousands of pounds that are owing to me.

I only wish that I had the direct telephone line number or the address of the bosses running these annoying services. Boy would I have fun.

  STREETWORK 19:36 06 Jul 2010

The calls still keep coming, mostly between 6pm and 9pm.

I now have a cunning plan.

1. Ask for their number and say you will call them back later.
2. Ask why they are calling the local police station (this often leads to a hang up PDQ).
3. Ask why a multi-millionaire would bother with such a trivial amount.
4. Inform then that the number they have called is Trading Standards, then request their compnies house registration number for further investigation 9this is a good one to use)
5. Ask they call back on a different number and give them the number for Orange Broadband customer support, they can speak to each other in the same language then...

Lets have some fun with them, eh...

  STREETWORK 19:37 06 Jul 2010

Personal note: must get new keyboard that can spell...

  realist 19:45 06 Jul 2010

To avoid being plagued by nuisance calls, subscribe to the paid-for version of BT Callminder and set it to "immediate answer".

Genuine callers will leave a message, spammers and robo-callers just hang-up.

  Forum Editor 22:54 06 Jul 2010

Why on earth would anyone want to pose as a Police Officer on the phone?. It's an offence to do that in any case.

I can never understand why some people seem to think it's 'fun' to play around in this way. If you don't want to talk to someone you can just hang up. There's no need to indulge in all kinds of silly games.

  Kevscar1 07:02 07 Jul 2010

because by the time the same company has called you 5 or 6 times and each you tell them this is an ex-directory number please remove me from your list you get fed up with them.

  BT 08:41 07 Jul 2010

I agree.
We get calls on a regular basis from people acting on behalf of Barclays.

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When I tell them that we have a marker on our accounts saying that we do not want these calls they say that they are not trying to sell anything just informing us of changes/updates/whatever.
Twice I have asked for our number to be removed from their calling lists and been assured that it will be done, but it obviously hasn't.

I have even resorted to writing to the Customer Services manager and have a letter saying that a marker will be put on our accounts. The silly thing is the people on the phone say that they can't see this marker until they get my permission to go into my file. How stupid is that?

They almost invariably ask to speak to my wife and refuse to tell me why. Now my wife suffers from Agorophobia and the last thing she will do is speak to someone she doesn't know on the phone. When they phoned last week I told them that she wouldn't speak to them and even after going through all the business of markers, TPS, etc the chap then said " When would it be convenient for me to call back to speak to your wife"

My strategy if I get the chance is to eventually say to them that there is no way I will disclose any information about my accounts to someone I don't know over the phone, unless they can prove that they are who they say they are, which of course they can't, and that if I need to discuss anything about my accounts I will go to my local branch.

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