Diary/Calendar Program

  Woolwell 15:20 25 Jul 2006

In September I have to set up a small office. 3 part-time members working in one office (one with a PDA which syncs with Outlook), a fourth who is mobile with a laptop but is in the office frequently and yet another working part-time in a separate office (a few miles away).
Ideally it would be good to share and update each other's diaries/calendars. I don't think that this can be done with Outlook without the Microsoft Exchange Server.
Are there any recommendations for software which will do this?
A web based calendar, with password protection, could be am option but will this type of application allow Outlook and a PDA to be updated?

  silverous 16:07 25 Jul 2006

Here's a response to a very similar question I gave to a 3rd party company we work with recently:

Unfortunately it seems that you need Exchange to do this with outlook. There's an article here about some workarounds but none are 100% reliable:

click here

Depending on how big your office is and whether there are plans to grow it might be worth looking at buying Exchange or something like it for shared calendars, email etc. There are almost certainly free tools that do similar things out there but it is nice to stick with what you know. A quick search on google for "outlook calendar sharing without exchange" revealed the following (and lots of other solutions) which your IT provider might want to investigate (I haven't tried it but it sounds like just the thing and appears to have a free trial): click here

It looks like it costs approximately $40 per user and sounds like it would allow you to share your calendars and stick with what you have - you'd just need one PC/Server to act as the 'server' for it.

(additional comments below:)

I guess you want to use Outlook? If not there are various shareware calendar/web based tools out there. Google have a calendar for example.

  Woolwell 16:49 25 Jul 2006

Thanks for your information.
I was hoping for software that could be purchased in UK.

  silverous 17:08 25 Jul 2006

Woolwell. I'm confused - I gave several possibilities and also with the days of the internet why do you need a man with a shop in the uk, the link I sent can be purchased from on-line???!!

  Woolwell 18:18 25 Jul 2006

I may need to pay by cheque! Otherwise I will have to pay on my card and reclaim the money.

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