Dial-a-Phone poor customer service - help required

  User-9A919F67-6ADE-4BFB-8B35A0F56CB2F7D6 20:21 05 Jul 2009

I brought a phone from Dial-A-Phone over 4 months ago and have been regretting it ever since. There is nothing wrong with the phone, or the service I receive from Orange. The problem is purely with Dial-A-Phone.

I purchased the phone for my daughter. The deal I signed for was £30 / month reduced to £20 for the lifetime of the contract. Dial-A-Phone are supposed to credit my Orange account each month so that I only pay £20.

After a month of the contract starting I received the first Orange bill, only to find no £10 credit. I called Dial-A-Phone customer service and after 30 minutes of trying to get through their automated system I gave up and phone their 0800 Sales number instead. I was assured that this sometimes happened and everything would be okay by the time I received the next bill.

A month later the next bill arrived and yet aagin there was no £10 credit. SO yet again I called Dial-A-Phone and was told that the last person I spoke to hadn't done anything to sort the problem out, but this time the advisor would make sure everything was sorted out by the next bill. A £20 credit was paid into my bank account.

A month later the next bill arrived and yet again there was no £10 credit. Another phone call to Dial-A-Phone only for them to tell me that they didn't know what was going wrong but the request would be sent to a special department in Dial-A-Phone who would definately sort things out. Another £10 credit was put into my bank account and another assurance that it would be sorted out.

Last week I received the fouth bill and yet again there was no £10 credit. I called Dial-A-Phone again and was told that it would now be passed to the Resolutions Team who would call me back within 72 hours (last Monday). Monday came and by late afternoon I had received no call, so I phone them again, only to be told that the person I had spoken to forgot to send the request to the Resolutions Team. I was assured it would be done immediately and I would get a call on Wednesday/Thursday. A £10 credit will be paid into my bank account. It is now Sunday and surprise surprise I have received no call.

On Friday I sent a letter (recorded delivery) to the 2 registered directors of Dial-A-Phone detailing everything that had happened and asked them to get somebody to call me. I honestly don't think they will bother.

My question now is "what should I do next?". I have called Dial-A-Phone 8 times and got nowhere. They always seem to phob me off and nothing ever gets done. The only good thing is that they do pay the £10 credit each time, so at least I'm not out of pocket. My problem is the amount of time I am having to waste on this. Should I see a solicitor, or Citizens Advise, or Trading Standards?

Any advise will be gratefully received.

  retep888 20:32 05 Jul 2009

Check your contract again,there may be a term saying that after a length of time,for example 6 months you'll have to send in an original bill to claim your £60(6x£10).

Then every 3 months or so you'll have to send an original bill to claim £30(3x£10).

This is just an example to show you and experience when I had a contract with them.

retep888, no it wasn't one of those deals. It was as described, £30 reduced to £20 each month with a £10 credit to Orange so that the bill I receive from Orange should be for only £20 (plus normal extras).

  retep888 21:08 05 Jul 2009

I see what you mean,but as far as I know,dial-a -phone's deal is never automated,i.e.they won't reimburse me automatically (they'll sent me a cheque)if I don't send in a particular month invoice within a specified time.

In your case (you'll have to contact them personally,very annoying indeed),can you find out if there is any other way to claim your rebate?

Otherwise the only thing to do is cancelling the contract after the intial agreement is due.

  dagnammit 21:10 05 Jul 2009

"Should I see a solicitor, or Citizens Advise, or Trading Standards?"

No, just persevere with it til the contract ends. They are still giving you the credit when you call up... the only issue is that they can't seem to get it automated.

dagnammit, the only problem is that it's an 18 month contract, that is supposed to be automatic and easy. Why should I have to phone them every month, spending about 30 minutes on the phone each time, just to get what I'm supposed to get automatically. I would never have got this phone for my daughter if I had known what was involved.

I guess the main reason for my post was to find out who I should talk to in order to get this resolved, other than Dial-A-Phone. What is the next course of action? I don't really want to go through the hassle of courts etc. I just want them to honour their agreement with me and to be able to forget about this for the remainder of the contract. Mobile phones are supposed to be easy.

  Kevscar1 08:41 06 Jul 2009

Trying writing to Orange and Dial-a-phone ststing that you were told this was automatic and if it is not sorted by the next bill then Diap-a-phone is in breach of contract and you will have no choice but to consider it null and void.

  brooky38 14:06 16 Sep 2011

I too have had problems with dial a phone it has taken 6 weeks and 13 phone calls to get a replacement handset for a faulty phone which I only had for 2 days. They do refund the monthly Orange bill but the time I have wasted waiting in for phones that never arrive. I am unable to use 'my account' as it won't accept my e-mail address so I have to ring up which takes ages as the automated system just cuts you off when you run out of options. I too will be writing to the directors and sending a copy to trading standards, the more people complain to the regulatory authorities the more that will be done about it.

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