Dial Direct insurance

  interzone55 09:15 04 Feb 2012

Has anyone used Dial Direct for car insurance.

Just had a quote off the Meerkat and and when including breakdown & legal cover and monthly payments they come out best value, but I'm a little concerned that I've not heard of them previously and a quick Google reveals they're a brand of Compare The Market's parent company.

  spuds 11:50 04 Feb 2012

I think that you may well find that some of these 'compare' companies are more involved than they appear to be.

A company called BSL of Peterborough seem to represent quite a number of well known insurance companies,so it might pay to check this before completing the transaction. They even issue annual renewals or initial claims, and have direct telephone numbers that appear to be a direct contact to the insurance company that you are using?.

One of our vehicles was due for insurance renewal the other day. Checking out some of the 'compare' websites, I was being quoted by a couple of company's that I had never heard about before. As an example, I have heard about Swift or Sheila but never Elephant (which seems a new kid on the block)?.

  sidecar sid 09:52 05 Feb 2012

Elephant are more like the original kid on the block.Elephant

  spuds 12:54 05 Feb 2012

sidecar sid

That's very interesting , as I hadn't heard of them before. When I did the 'compare' check, Elephant was one of the cheapest, and the Admiral quote was further down the list, and dearer. Perhaps goes to show, how the 'same owners' can provide different rates for the same item!.

  frybluff 13:01 05 Feb 2012

Make sure your quotes include one from LV (Liverpool Victoria). They were MILES cheaper than anyone else, for mine. It sent me scurrying for the small print, but seems OK. They were even a lot cheaper, when I came to renew.

  interzone55 18:09 05 Feb 2012


I have had quotes from LV in the past that seemed cheap on the surface, but when I added in the breakdown service, legal cover (essential to get back excess in case of a non-fault claim) and monthly payments interest they dropped down the list

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