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  humbug83 12:09 25 Mar 2008

I'm looking to buy a new desktop PC to replace my existing Dell one which keeps cutting out. I was put off getting a new Dell one in case it has problems too and had been recommended Mesh but I have read some negative reviews about them and am not so sure now.

I would mainly be using a computer for Internet use, playing some games although i'm not really bothered about that too much, and downloading/listening to music and uploading photos and a little word processing.

I would like wireless broadband on it.

I dont really know much about what specifications I would need.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  GaT7 13:01 25 Mar 2008

Before buying a new PC, perhaps we can have a crack at helping you repair the present one.

Please post your problems in the Helproom forum click here.

Assuming you already have a broadband connection, you can add wireless broadband to your present setup by getting a wireless router - e.g. for cable BB click here, or for ADSL BB click here.

If you're not on broadband, some ISPs do a wireless router for no additional cost when you join - some that I know of are O2 & AOL. G

  humbug83 15:19 26 Mar 2008

Well I think I would rather have a new one instead of fixing my current one.

Some people have recommended this to me click here

It's a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I think it has everything I require.

  humbug83 15:27 26 Mar 2008

Are Mesh Computers actually as bad as people make out? I have read lots of negative reviews but have only come across a few positive ones!

  GaT7 15:34 26 Mar 2008

Mesh computers are not bad, but their customer support can be at times. G

  GaT7 15:49 26 Mar 2008

The computer you're going for is good (a little lacking in value compared to a Dell), but may be overkill for your needs. You'll barely stretch 1-2 cores let alone 4!

The graphics are poor - not sure what games you play. And seems like it's a slim tower, so upgrading could be quite limited. G

  humbug83 12:07 03 Apr 2008

Thanks, I chose to go for a Dell one in the end.

  AltF4 15:31 03 Apr 2008

Ah ! I was going to say avoid Dell. I tried to buy one off them last year. Wrong box was delivered spent weeks trrying to arrange a colection and re-delivery of my system unit. Never happened. Their Customer services are a joke. They make appointments with you and fail to tell the courier. That said I know a couple of people who have had a few PCs each of them with no problems. Guess if all goes well, you'll be OK. If you need to contact them - you may need the vallium. Good luck which ever way it goes.

  AltF4 15:34 03 Apr 2008

PS - Cancelled order with Dell and went to a shop and bought one with the help of a human being

  humbug83 15:54 03 Apr 2008

I had delivery problems too but that isnt really Dell's fault, its the carriers that were to blame.

  SeanUK 19:21 03 Apr 2008

Hi There,

I've just recently purchased a system from "Cougar Extreme". Having spent a good few weeks looking around at online retailers, they seem to be one of the better and more reliable brands.

Having only put my order through last night, I can't comment in much detail on them yet. Beyond advising you to "check their rep" on the PCAdvisor forum and having a look at their prices to see if they can build something to meet your needs.

click here

Take a look, and ask around :)

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