Desktop or Laptop?

  retro_hood 01:09 25 Jul 2009

I am needing some advice and help in purchasing a laptop/Desktop.

Im not sure on a budget but lets just say under £1000.

Reconmendations for either Laptops or Desktop(not including monitor) are welcome.

I am looking for a nice Graphics Card to handle up-to-date games such as Dawn of War or HON .I don't mind turning down the settings however. I am a computing student so I need to be able to run alot of demanding software such as Microsoft Visual Studio.

An included Blu-Ray disk drive would be nice but not neccesary.

I tend to multitask alot. Have various applications open at several times. Browsers, MSN messenger,Skype and other software applications. I tend to minimize in and out of fullscreen applications alot and hate the wait.

Free upgrade to Windows 7 also needed.

Size of HDD is not a real concern as i have enough external HDD to save stuff.

I'm here asking for help because I dont know a huge ammount about Hardware and I have bought my last desktop and Laptop from PC World & Comet and I don't feel I am getting my monies worth.

Reconmendations for reliable & trustworthy websites/shops are welcome.

Cheers in advance.

  rdave13 01:50 25 Jul 2009

Trawl this site; good recommendations from other forum members.
click here
Cougar Extreme. See what would apply to your needs. Laptops are difficult to upgrade, Desktops easier and better to understand the 'innards' of a PC's workings.

  skidzy 06:50 25 Jul 2009

Rdave has pointed you to Cougar who are recommended for building powerful machines at a fair there is your starting point.

Laptop or Desktop
Well if convenient,it has to be a will get a lot more powerful machine for your money.
For example,if you spend ,lets say £800 on a desktop...chances are if you found a laptop with something near the desktop would cost you £1500 ish if not more,realistically over £2000.

Something for starters
click here

This one,you need to select your choice of operating system and add it to the basket click here couple of ideas to start with...good luck.

  Armchair 20:14 25 Jul 2009

click here

Only real snag with it is that it only has two RAM slots, and they're both occupied, so adding more RAM would be expensive. It also only has a 400w PSU, but it must be good enough for that quad core and 4850, or they wouldn't have used it!

  Armchair 20:18 25 Jul 2009

Just noticed your need of free upgrade t Windows 7. Oh well, never mind!

  citadel 22:38 25 Jul 2009

only 7 weeks to dx11 cards so it will pay to wait.

  retro_hood 00:52 30 Jul 2009

Thankyou for the response guys, I will be pondering over these websites till im comfortable with buying something.

I have decided to go with a Desktop now!

  Armchair 09:24 30 Jul 2009

I notice they're calling that PC I linked to 'Deal of the Day' now, even though the price is the same!

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