Desktop Option pc not working. Help.

  Iaron 16:54 29 Jul 2009

I purchased a new gaming pc from Desktop Option about 2-3 months ago. It seemed to work fine to begin with, with only a few minor errors. However, those minor errors have become major ones and the PC is currently unusable.

I've yet to contact the company about this issue, as I am unsure how to approach them, considering that they do not have the best reputation when it comes to things like this.

Ideally I would like it repaired (for free) or in extreme circumstances, send it back and get a refund.

I'd just like to know what my rights are regarding either of those options and the best way to approach them with this issue.

  MAT ALAN 18:00 29 Jul 2009

they do not have the best reputation when it comes to things like this

and you STILL bought from them!!!

you need to be up front with them, phone them if thats an option, tell them exactly what you think is wrong with your PC ask them if it is covered by their warranty agreement...

click here

  GaT7 18:25 29 Jul 2009

Can you let us know what's wrong with the PC please? The more details the better.

If it's a software problem, they may not be obligated to repair under the warranty(?)

If it's a software/hardware problem we can possibly help with, it'll save you the hassle of sending it back, & at your expense. G

  OTT_Buzzard 18:32 29 Jul 2009

I agree with Crossbow7. If you can give as much information as possible about your problems, including the history on how they have developed, there are a lot of people here who will try and help.
That's not to say that Desktop Option should not be resposible for a hardware failure.

  spuds 19:04 29 Jul 2009

The offers above are perhaps your first choice of getting some satisfaction to possible recovery.

About approaching the manufacturer click here

  MAT ALAN 19:09 29 Jul 2009

Any hardware issues MUST be resolved within the warranty agreement otherwise it will invalidate what cover he has left which acording to the T & C is another 2 years 3 months...

  Forum Editor 19:25 29 Jul 2009

any faults that manifest themselves within six months of the date of purchase are deemed to have existed at the time you took delivery, unless your supplier can demonstrate otherwise. That applies to the computer as it was supplied - it doesn't cover any problems arising from software you installed yourself.

You should notify the company - in writing - that you wish to return the computer for repair or replacement (the choice is yours), and ask them to notify you as to how they intend to deal with the matter. In law an email is considered an adequate way to notify a supplier, so don't worry about having to make phone calls - it's not necessary.

Before you do that however, perhaps you could let me know:

1. Was the computer a standard model from the company's range, or was it built to your specifications?

2. Have you opened the machine's case, or in any way amended the hardware configuration, or altered the operating system's default settings, other than to set your personal preferences?

It's important to be clear that you are not making a warranty claim here - you are exercising your rights under the terms of the the Sale and
Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations

  lofty29 19:52 29 Jul 2009

Best of luck, follow FE advice, and pray.

  Iaron 19:55 29 Jul 2009

The problem with the pc is graphical artifacts and lines accross the screen (even before windows has booted). The problem has been getting progressively worse and I sometimes get a blue screen and a message saying that a driver (ati****.dll cant remember exactly) is stuck in an infinite loop.

I have reinstalled windows several times, which gets rid of the issue, BUT... as soon as I install the display drivers for my GPU from the CD I was provided with the problem instantly returns. The fact that it worked fine initially with the same drivers, but doesn't now makes me think its a hardware issue with the graphics card itself.

1. It was a base unit, which I then selected "upgrades" for from lists in drop-down boxes ( I think I remember reading on this forum somewhere that if they're listed as upgrades its not seen as being made to custom specifications)

2. I've only reinstalled Windows and the hardware drivers which the supplier provided me with

  OTT_Buzzard 20:26 29 Jul 2009

You've got a few possibilities as to what's wrong, but your first step is to update drivers and the Catalyst Control Center. this will have no effect on your warranty - in fact they would expect you to do it.

click here to do this.

If that makes no difference, please post back. There are a number of other things to try. If you can get the exact name of the dll file that's getting stuck (best guess is ativdag.dll) it will help.

  Iaron 23:16 29 Jul 2009


and I've tried updating the drivers several times.
I've just reinstalled windows for about the 4th time and have NOT yet installed the drivers for the graphics card... previously, this meant that the artifacts/lines stopped showing up... but they're doing it now , even though the driver isn't installed.(albeit less severely than when the driver IS installed) I think its definitely a hardware issue.

Here are some pictures of what its doing.

click here

click here

That second one is before windows has started, while I was trying to reinstall.

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