Desktop option customer service

  Si_L 13:05 06 Jul 2009

This company, formally PC Option, comes up a lot on this site with negative comments, and I always considered myself to be one of the lucky few that managed to get a working computer from them.

That said, now that there are problems with the computer, they don't want to hear about it. I used the live chat to speak to somebody over a fortnight ago, and was told to email customer services. I did just that, and had no reply, despite being told they will reply straight away. I went back onto live chat, and explained my problem, and was told, "sorry i cant help you" and then they closed the session. I opened a new one, but before I could finish typing he closed that one too. This happened at least 5 times, and now they have logged off.

I would send another email if I felt it would be read and I would phone them if I felt they would pick up.

The customer service is just non-existent.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:31 06 Jul 2009

Sorry to hear you're having problems :(
As a matter of interest what's up with the computer?

  Si_L 13:44 06 Jul 2009

The massive fan on the side of the case has suddenly stopped working. I've checked that its plugged into the power, the issue is with the fan. Finally, after much persistance I have arranged to send the fan back, I think this forum had a part to play in that which is good.

  dagnammit 13:45 06 Jul 2009

How old is it & what's wrong?

  dagnammit 13:46 06 Jul 2009

They are easily replaced and only cost a couple of quid.

  Si_L 13:49 06 Jul 2009

Well I have searched for it on Google, its a 25cm fan, and couldn't find anything.

  jimv7 13:57 06 Jul 2009

Try your local maplins, they have a large supply of various sized fans.

  Charence 11:39 07 Jul 2009

Wow, that is very bad 'service'! Sounds very unprofessional! Even if the fan costs a few quid, I don't think this is acceptible behaviour from any company.

  [email protected] 18:06 09 Jul 2009

From posting this, it took them less than 40 minutes to sort out. Shows what a bit of publicity can do! I suspect that there are many more who are simply brushed aside and would not think to share there experience in a forum.

  T0SH 22:01 09 Jul 2009

Please re-check your measurement 25cm is equal to almost 10 inches that would make it tha same size as a large industrial window extractor fan

Cheers HC

  I am Spartacus 22:26 09 Jul 2009

Yes they are 25cm and some can be effective and quiet providing the voltage is reduced. Some models just whirr pointlessly and shift no air, it depends on the model.

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