Demon speed

  zincy 23:36 13 May 2006

Hi there

My dad ordered the Home 2000 on Demon internet. But on his system it says connect at 1.1 mBps. I have the same isp but mine says connected at 2.2mbps. We have tested the line and he is only getting a 1 meg service? I been on BT speed test and it says he can get upto 4.5meg and he also had a 2meg line before.. I was wondering does this usually happen for a few days for a new isp?

Many thanks

  Totally-braindead 13:14 14 May 2006

If you are using what comes up when you move the mouse over the two small monitors in the bottom right of your screen then ignore that, it has nothing to do with the speed and service you are getting. The only way to know what you are getting is by doing a speed test.

  zincy 18:51 14 May 2006

oh and where do i go for a speed test?

and thank you for the response

  SG Atlantis® 18:58 14 May 2006

click here

do a couple of free ones for an accurate idea.

  Nonny 21:01 15 May 2006

I am with Demon on Home 500. I was upgraded to 2Mbps last September. It lasted for about 2 weeks then my connection went down for 1 1/2 days. It came back as 1.1 Mbps on the icon. I checked with BT Speeedtester and this was correct. After much frustration with Demon I have been unable to get 2 Mbps back. On checking the distance from my exchange I am 1.04Km distant. BT says I am to far from the exchange to receive 2Mbps. How can this be. My neighbours who live within spitting distance either side of me receive 2Mbps. Who is at fault. Demon or BT?

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