Demon home 500 users beware

  cali 17:13 20 Sep 2005

Message to all demon home 500 users those who have had their upgrade to only 1.1Mbps Beware that demon have failed to inform it 's customers that there is a big fault with home500 service. last I do a speed check one of many I might add only to find that it was running at 77.5 Kbps well below the service I am expected to for. the last 2 months they have said to do speed test after speed test and my friend who recommended to demon is have the same has logged all the speedtest and send them to their helpdesk which I might add is in India. they only told us on friday that is a fault with home 500 but carry taken full payment for a totally crap service. cali

  Nonny 17:32 23 Sep 2005

I have had the same problem with Demon. I was upgraded to 2.2mbps. Suddenly I lost my connection for a day and a half. When it came back it was 1.1mbps. Actual speeds using BT Speedtester is between 156 and 957kbps. Having contacted them several times and having to explain the problem over and over again, they keep blaming BT.I have given them the speedtest results but they just ask for them again. I am fed up phoning them. This is costing me money. When my contract finishes I will be off. Goodbye Demon!!!

  cali 18:23 23 Sep 2005

My reply to nonny is there are many more out there who may be in the same as us. Demon have failed to reply to my emails and my friend who was having the same problems as you me both rang them up and got a mac code so is going with griffin in next few days from now. I would like to see the editor of pc advisor chase Demon up on behalf of it's customers who are been charged the full price for a service which a long available to us.I used to check my service every night this week and shock horror Iam getting between 77.5 & 176kbps and they still want £19.99 @mth from me plus hang on the phone for 30+ running up bill no way. ??????

  canard 23:56 27 Sep 2005

What about £17.99 1MB NTL and there are cheaper if you look. click here for info.

  Sans le Sou 10:49 28 Sep 2005

The Demon service states UP TO 2Mb, I have just checked mine and it is 1940/246, but tonight it will have degenerated to some pathetic speeds. Are all services like this? Is it the contention factor or just heavy usage.

  cali 12:57 28 Sep 2005

Demon will not tell you outright as to weather it is their fault but if you download the following win_bin_0.8. WinMTR.exe you will & keep a check on the pings from their routers, also you can download and will give you the true speed. broadband is out growing it customers and Good old BT Wholesale can't keep up with demand. But Demon are failing to keep their customers up todate as to what is going on. and we have to pay up for pathetic speeds & still pay full price for it?

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