Delta appreciates her fans.....

  Stuartli 17:40 17 Mar 2004

The delightful Delta Goodrem hasn't forgotten her UK fans it would seem.

Australia's latest gorgeous singer-songwriter (from Neighbours like the equally beautiful Natalia Imbruglia ) has released Throw It Away as an Internet only download for her fans according to the e-mail newsletter I got today.

Unfortunately the link and another one to be able to download the Innocent Eyes album plus more singles is not working at present.

Her Sony website is:

click here

the link for the single is:

click here

and for the album:

click here

Enjoy - if you can download anything..:-)

  Forum Editor 17:48 17 Mar 2004

your secret's out then Stuart?

  Stuartli 20:13 17 Mar 2004

Delta’s Aussie website has been offering a similar service for several months.


It’s certainly no secret that I like particularly enjoy quality female singers and take pride in “discovering” them long before most of the population, sometimes from short demo clips of album tracks being produced for future release.

That was the case, for instance, with Katie Melua whose record producer, Mike Batt, also acted in this capacity some years ago for Linda Lewis (marvellous voice); in turn, I was singing the praises of Norah Jones months before she hit the UK charts.

Others I spend hours listening to via my DVD-ROM drive, Radio 2 or car radio/CD magazine include the wonderful Scottish singers Sharleee Spiteri (Texas), Brenda Cochrane, Annie Lennox and Barbara Dickson; Eva Cassidy, Natalie Imbruglia (Torn is a pop classic), the Corrs, Gabrielle, Atomic Kitten, Christine Aguilera, Dido and Amy Whitehouse.

I marvel at superb country artistes such as Susie Bogguss (saw her live in 1990), Trisha Yearwood and Sarah Jory, whilst Shania Twain was a singer I first recommended back in 1997; a year later I was taken aback by the sheer talent and poise of a then very young LeAnne Rimes.

There are lots of others – I come from a mainly musician orientated family and was raised on Ella, Sarah and similar, along with the master of phrasing, Sinatra – but there are too many to mention here…:-)

Don’t get me wrong, I also spend plenty of time listening to Elton, Robbie et al but, if the truth be known, it’s the ladies’ CDs that are usually spinning in my DVD-ROM whilst surfing or trawling the PC Advisor pages.

There is still some dross around, but I’ve never been one to condemn what’s in the charts out of hand as there are so many different personal tastes. The good stuff is still there and the marvellous thing is that so many young people are listening to it and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

By the way I’m coming up to my 64th birthday in June…:-))

  Belatucadrus 20:22 17 Mar 2004

Judie Tzuke rules. click here

  rickf 21:22 17 Mar 2004

It seems youy missed out Norah Jones Stuartli, what about Heart. I can add another dozen to your list.

  Forum Editor 00:15 18 Mar 2004

that we're the first to 'discover' performers - before the 'rest of the population' catches up.

In truth it's generally a bit of a delusion though - lots of other people are thinking exactly the same thing at the same time. I've heard dozens of people claiming to have 'found' Katie Melua and Norah Jones long before the rest of us, one of them being my wife. In fact both singers were widely known amongst certain sectors of the listening public long before they became 'famous'.

This kind of thing has been going on for decades, and it's a well-known phenomenon in the music industry. My wife worked in the recording business when she was younger and once had to collect Bob Dylan at an airport. In the car back to town he told her that he was always meeting people who claimed to have known about him before he became 'mainstream' and many of them got dates wrong - often claiming to have listened to his recordings before he had made them.

  Stuartli 08:57 19 Mar 2004


I think you had better read my second posting again...:-)


I have never claimed to have been the first to "discover" particular artistes, only that I have often been aware of their talents before they become more widely known.

I'm sure many of my friends will confirm that I'm usually lauding/going on about some singer or other they've never heard of, but the satisfying thing is that they usually buy the relevant CD merely on the strength of what I've recommended.

So far no one's been disappointed....:-)

  Andybear 19:48 19 Mar 2004

What about Elkie Brooks? Another 'great', who is brilliant live. You're right about Barbara Dickson - another excellent singer. I've liked her since the 70's, I have vivid memories of her as a guest star on the Two Ronnies.

  Curio 20:28 19 Mar 2004

How about Fern Kinney? There is a voice in a million

  Mango Grummit 00:13 20 Mar 2004

I first saw Sarah Jory, who you mention, when she was about 12 years old. I've seen her umpteen times over the years since and was always certain that someday she would be a BIG star. Unfortunately it never happened but like so many others who never "made it" she has always maintained a strong following and earned a good living for herself and her band without ever becoming famous.

Another great singer/songwriter, Raymond Froggat has been in the business 40 years, still fills theaters all over the country and yet most people have never heard of him. His Autobiography is called Raymond Who? I first saw him in London about 30 years ago and have seen him hundreds of times since. He's looking a bit old and weary now mind! I saw him just a couple of weeks ago -- he said "it's getting daft now, me still doing this at my age" - he's a great guy is Froggie. Listen to his message here, you can almost hear the fags and vodka but he can still sing click here

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