Dell,good or bad

  iqs 13:11 16 Jan 2008

Hello,Yet another thread regarding the service provided by a Pc manufacturer.

I posted a thread about a small media Pc for my living room.One of the replies suggested a modal from Dell.Very good specs and a great price.

But how good are they for customer services,delivery and product reliability?.


  iscanut 13:15 16 Jan 2008

Good specs, prices, etc..BUT let down by awful customer service and help desks abroad. If you get a machine that behaves, as most do, and never need to phone them up, then fine.

  ened 14:15 16 Jan 2008

They use their own parts and internal connections which makes them difficult and expensive to upgrade.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:10 16 Jan 2008

I have bought many dells for people and have never ha da problem. The few times that I had to query anything it was a help desk in Ireland and I have found them easy to upgrade. This 'upgrade difficulty' problem is a myth.


  Woolwell 15:23 16 Jan 2008

GANDALF <|:-)> for the Ireland help desk was that for business or home help?

  ened 15:25 16 Jan 2008

It most certainly is not a myth.

FACT: the connections for the front of the case will only fit a Dell mobo.

FACT: the memory is unique and if you try to put other memory in it is very often not recognised.

  setecio 16:36 16 Jan 2008

Depends if you mean upgade or PC hobbyists take to bits and rebuild. Dells are easy for the usual upgrading of memory (ened, don't know what you're on about concerning memory, I'm sure you bought DDR instead of DDR2 or something like that), graphics cards, hard drives etc .... like everything you need to buy the correct pieces.

If you're a kit building swap bits every week or specialist users, buy something else.

Are Dell good or bad ... customer service is crap like just about every company these days, but reliability and good build wins for me.

I'd recommend them, then next to post won't then someone will and so on .... depends who you believe.

If it doesn't go wrong great .... if it goes wrong (like any computer can) then just be ready for aweful and long phone calls, menus, redirections and music.

  ventanas 17:06 16 Jan 2008

I've upgraded many Dells with bits from PC World or similar. CD Drives, PCI Cards etc. Never had a problem. I now have 27 Dell PC's at work, and three at home. On the rare occasion when I have needed assistance, either from Ireland or India it has been fine. For example one of my laptops suffered a failed keyboard. A call to the help line confirmed it and a new keyboard arrived next day by courier, and I fitted it in seconds.

  setecio 18:47 16 Jan 2008

ventanas .... With 30 PCs, I think you might have a 'Dell rating' that allows you to get superior service over the average buy 1 Dell home user.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:00 16 Jan 2008

'It most certainly is not a myth'..back to PC school methinks. I have never had a problem 'upgrading' them, you just need to choose the parts wisely and external HDs and DVD writers make the upgrade job easy in 2008.


  Totally-braindead 19:32 16 Jan 2008

Regarding upgrading a Dell it depends on what the upgrade is. Fitting a new DVD writer as an example is simple but fitting the likes of a graphics card MIGHT be more differcult.
Dell in common with many manufacturers see media PCs and slimline PCs that take slimmer components and when you come to upgrade you can find that if you need a low profile graphics card for example theres much less choice.
Its isn't only Dell that do this and if you get a standard case there is no problem with that aspect of it.
I only mention that as you did say you were looking at a small media PC for your living room and as such I would think it would use smaller components which might might it much more differcult to upgrade. And a more powerful graphics card might also need a more powerful power supply and you might not be able to get one for a high end card.
Having said that they are well built, reliable, cheap and will work perfectly when you get it, its only upgrading a small PC that would concern me.

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