DELL XPS Questions

  Robbed 12:23 24 Feb 2008

Hello Folks
I am seriously considering a DELL XPS 420 after getting a deal which adds a 22" monitor and an extra 1GB of RAM.
But i have a few questions and hope that some of you will already have one and will be able to assist me. Thank you.

1) I hate starting up a new pc and finding bundled stuff on it that i dont need, and i am not one to uninstall it and leave my new OS in a mess, i prefer to clean install my OS and then image the drive. So my question is, does the XPS come with a recovery CD/DVD that i can use which doesnt include all the junk i wont be needing ?
I just want to be able to have Vista with drivers and nothing else.

2) I read that upgrades are really tricky because you can only buy DELL parts, i heard that components are made for them and will only fit their machines, so if i wanted RAM or A new Graphics card ,i'd have to buy them from DELL, is this true or a myth ?

3) I heard that there was a problem with the fitted Samsung harddrives, has this been remedied yet, are they fitting them with a more reliable brand now ?

I think thats it, but if i have any more concerns ill add them later.
Once again Thank you all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:19 24 Feb 2008

1) there is not much junk on the computer and a quick 15 minute clean will get rid of anything that you do not need.
2)Utter myth spread by those that do not own them.
3)I have bought mnay Dells for clients and have never had a problem with the drives.


  GaT7 13:35 24 Feb 2008

Don't forget to apply this 10% off discount code at checkout - LG$C6?DF?$M734 (expires 27/02).

In addition, you can get 5% cashback (excl VAT & del) by going through Quidco click here.

Which XPS are you thinking of? It would be ideal if you could provide a direct link. I could try tweaking it a little, or get a different e-value code to get it for slightly cheaper - the same spec of course. G

  PC User 13:41 24 Feb 2008

I am waiting for mine.

Of concern is that despite ordering on their business site and not choosing any antivirus and internet service, the packing slip says it has that stupid tiscali isp, mc afee trial,

I keeping my fingers crossed that the recovery CD is purely Vista

  aine 13:49 24 Feb 2008

Ram memory, from Crucial will fit dell pcs I have recently fitted to Dell PCs with extra memory

  PC User 13:50 24 Feb 2008

I think it still works out about £100 dearer with that coupon on the home site (albeit with slightly bigger hard drive and bluetooth card reader - decide if it's woth £100 more)

The business site has £50 off and free delivery

  Rob_08 14:38 24 Feb 2008

Does anyone know if its possible to just install the Vista and drivers ? Or will i have to buy my own copy of vista ?
I really do not want any other soft on my machine, i can uninstall it but registry crap remains and i wouldnt be satisified with that.
I prefer these companies to keep the bundled soft seperately to the O.S recovey disks.
Can anyone clarify. ?
and thanks for the above. !!

  Rob_08 14:39 24 Feb 2008

By the way, quick name change for me .Robbed didnt seem to apply now that the other issue was partially resolved. cheers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:53 24 Feb 2008

'but registry crap remains and i wouldnt be satisified with that'..Just use Ccleaner from click here and it will remove all regostry traces.


  lisa02 15:14 24 Feb 2008

I've answered these questions on PC USER's thread.

15 or 20 mins rids you of unwanted stuff.

Dell will give you several disks, 1 resource disk, OS disk, roxio disk and Works disk. The OS disk is a full clean Vista install tailored for Dell machines. When you install from the OS disk you need to load the drivers from the resource cd. This will give you a clean install Vista even though it isn't necessary as Gandalf says, 15 mins and ccleaner will sort the bloatware.

The only custom parts in a Dell is the motherboard, case and PSU built to their spec. The rest is standard parts and easily replaced.

Samsung drives, I had problems with mine and they where replaced. I actually think it was only 1 drive but Dell replaced both with Seagates at my request within 24hrs. XPS comes with a next business day onsite warranty and when the engineer came he said he'd been busy replacing the same drives all day.

  Rob_08 16:06 24 Feb 2008

Thanks Lisa02.
I always perform a clean install regardless, cleaning the registry is not an option for me. I prefer logged installations of all programs etc,
yeah im a perfectionist, but long term when creating a continuos drive image, im just happier with it when i need to restore it.
Dont bite me lol.
Good to know that i can just install the OS and drivers. Thank again.

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