Dell warrenties - upgrading

  JE-KM 09:50 28 Aug 2007


I am looking to buy a business Dell Vostro 400 (the 2nd customization option).

It seems to be the best spec for the budget I am given.

However I heard on the grape-vine, that you can't upgrade Dells without breaking a seal and invalidating the warrenty. Is this true?

Also, people say that dells are nbot very upgradable because their motherboard is propietry to the case (and therefore getting a new mobo would mean getting a new case). Is this the only element that is non-upgradable?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:24 28 Aug 2007

I have bought many Dells for people and I have never had a problem with any upgrades. All computers are sealed but I tend not to take any notice.


  spuds 13:01 28 Aug 2007

Dell do not object to you upgrading, providing that you fully understand that any upgrades are your sole responsibility. If you install something not compatible to their product, then do not expect Dell to be over the moon about resolving 'your' problems and issues.

Some parts used by Dell are 'supposedly' Dell only, but you may find that some slight modifications have been made, which could make thing slightly difficult in the long term. Things like memory chips and similar items are easily replaced, but remember compatible is the key word, check before you make any purchases.

If you are thinking of major upgrades now, then why consider the Dell, if similar products from other suppliers are readily available.

  JE-KM 13:20 28 Aug 2007

Thanks for the info.

The problem is my insurance company are buying it to replace my laptop, that died after a rendez-vous with a cup of coffee.

The insurance company have a special deal relationship with Dell that allows me to get a lot more bang for my buck. The maximum I have to spend is £540. The equivalent spec from Mesh would cost £200 more.

(Based on 2.3mhz core duo, 2gb ram, 256mb geforce, 19" TFT, 320gb Sata, Dvdrw, wifi, card reader, firewire).

I guess the parts I am likly to want to upgrade in a couple of years, may be the hdd and cpu.

  ambra4 20:15 29 Aug 2007

"upgrade in a couple of years"

By that time the computer would be so outdated that it would not worth your while to update it, just buy a new one

  setecio 20:39 29 Aug 2007

Is that 'break the seal invalidates the warranty' legal ... or is it just a scare tactic ? I buy a computer and want to look inside ... how can that invalidate the warranty ?

  wee eddie 22:09 29 Aug 2007

You mention that they are replacing you Laptop.

One would expect them to replace like for like.

Laptops are notoriously difficult to Upgrade with the exception of the RAM.

Will it be another Laptop or have you the choice?

  spuds 22:50 29 Aug 2007

Some companies (not so much nowadays)think that people looking 'inside', can lead to disasters.

  JE-KM 01:51 30 Aug 2007

Wee eddie...

Yes they said they will replace the laptop, OR I can have anything to the same value as what they can get the laptop for.

I am opting for a desktop of the same value, because, after spilling my coffee on the laptop and writing off the whole system in one go, I am a bit put off by the lack of availabiliy to replace individual parts like you can with a desktop. If I had spilt my coffee whilst operating a desktop, all I would need to do is pay £10 for a new keyboard (or clean the old one)!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:56 30 Aug 2007

If you want to replace the HD then an external is the way forward and changing the processor will not make a lot of difference but these 'changes' are likely to happen (if at all) in about 3-5 years from date of purchase....and your warranty will be worth nothing (as will the computer). Unless you are a mad bonkers gamer, I very much doubt if you will be doing much 'upgrading'.


  JE-KM 09:16 30 Aug 2007

ok cheers. dell it is then.

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