Dell vs Mesh

  tirbach 12:19 19 Aug 2006

I've just had to buy 2 new computers quickly, a Dell notebook and a Mesh desktop.

Early days obviously but after 3 weeks of use I am quite happy with the Dell(Inspiron 6400).
Even avoided the exploding battery debacle by a week.

On the other hand I am pretty upset with Mesh - to the extent that I have now blogged the sorry tale - and feel better for it.
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The frustration of dealing with Customer Services is more or less par for the course whatever the name over the door - and another couple of days delay may not seem anything to get so excited about, but I badly needed that new desktop by today, hence my efforts during the week to try to make sure of it.

This is my third Mesh in a row over 10 years - and probably my last.

  Jimmy14 12:55 19 Aug 2006

Mesh will not be on my list for future sales as of today. Yet another problem and I read your blog by the way, keep up the good work. Just shows you two companies compared to each other. Most people would have predicted the outcome and of course it's true.


  Mr Mistoffelees 15:57 19 Aug 2006

It does seem that Mesh customer services are not the most sufficient but, the original problem you found was probably just caused by the graphics card retaining screw working loose, a minor fault. Without you asking and without quibble, as you tell it, they have arranged a replacement at no cost to yourself. The faulty machine was collected on the day stated and you look like having the replacement after just one week. I don't see why you have started a blog and this thread to complain about it.

  Forum Editor 16:20 19 Aug 2006

and many customers might just have replaced the loose card without further ado. Mesh offered to rebuild the machine without any promting from you, and now you're making a fuss because two working days after the computer arrived back at the factory you haven't got the new one. It's due to arrive on Monday - Had the same thing happened to the Dell machine I suspect that your experience would have been similar.

This is your third Mesh machine, and because of a short delay - which by anyone's standards is perfectly reasonable - you're never going to buy another one.

Words fail me.

  johndere 16:56 19 Aug 2006

Understand your views FE and respect them & yes mesh make a lot of pc's & we probably only hear from those with a problem.

But time & time again we hear about how peoples view of mesh and their customer support is poor. Yes Davey of mesh comes along here and helps and thats credit to mesh, but may be some extra funding in customer service would help.

I know when a mesh engineer came and sorted out my pc and told be mesh had grown, but the customer support had not, if staff are making comments like that surely their must be a problem.

And as a foot note: yes my pc works well, is built well & has good parts in it, the only gripe is the customer service.

  Forum Editor 17:16 19 Aug 2006

I accept all that you say, but this person is bloging and posting in our forum because of a delay of two working days.

Do you think it's reasonable to make such a fuss in those circumstances? I certainly don't.

  tirbach 17:20 19 Aug 2006

My first response to Forum Editor has disappeared, hence this abbreviated version.

Minor fault ? - a red herring since Mesh themselves suggested it went back in case of collateral damage.

At it's heart my beef is about promises made which didn't happen, you'll just have to accept my word that delivery after today is greatly inconvenient - something that would seem obvious given the lengths I went to to try and avoid it.

The spin you've put on it is inappropriate and factually incorrect.

  tirbach 17:36 19 Aug 2006

This is fun.........

<.......but this person is bloging and posting <in our forum because of a delay of two working <days.

Whether 'this person' blogs or not is no concern of yours, is it ?

'Our forum' has a hint of stepping in somewhere where 'strangers' are not welcome, are they ?.

Two working days? Hmm

  anskyber 17:52 19 Aug 2006

I do not read the FEs comments in the way you do. Sure, blog away to your hearts content, thats what it is all about.

The way I read it is that you have chosen to blog and post here for what appears to be a relatively minor problem. I accept that the delays are most inconvenient but your reaction seems a tad OTT. That I think is the point.

  Forum Editor 17:53 19 Aug 2006

is certainly no concern of mine, but do not accuse me of putting 'spin' on the information contained in your post, or of being factually incorrect. What is my concern is someone who makes a mountain out of a molehill, and that's what you're doing. Our forum is populated by tens of thousands of people, all of whom are 'strangers' as you put it - that's not the point.

I said you waited for two working days (never mind "Hmm") after your machine was received by Mesh before you started making your fuss - where is the incorrect fact in that? According to your own blog your machine was received by Mesh 16th August. Your blog was started on 18th August - that's two working days later. This thread was started today - still two working days later.

Your new computer is scheduled for delivery on Monday - 4 working days later.

This may be fun for you, but to me it's a total waste of our valuable time.

  tirbach 18:23 19 Aug 2006

FE said at 14.20;
<you're making a fuss because two working days after the computer arrived back at the factory you haven't got the new one

See what I said at 17.20 for the actual reasons for the 'fuss'

It arrived there on the 15th and I won't have the new one until the 21st, that is more than 2 working days, hence the Hmm.

The 'spin' involved the red herring and the implication that I should have just stuck the card back in and not made so much of it - which is contrary to Mesh's own position.

I won't waste any more of your valuable time, thank you for listening anyway, the 'fun' comment was ironic

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