Dell v Mesh - Buying Advice?

  Capital Idea 21:44 12 Jan 2006

I guess this has ben covered in various ways below...but any further advice would be welcome.

Im looking to buy a new much improved spec family machine for say £800 to do basic word, excel, media, a few games and a bit of vdeo editing etc. (inc a flat screen)

Mesh seem to have aceptable specs and offer good deals..........but there are horror stories re defective kit, poor back up and service.

Dell seem to have aceptable specs and offer good deals..........however I hear horror stories about Dell preventing later upgrading to components (riveted covers?) - cant even add RAM? and software being cofigured to the original spec with no way of altering??

Basically interested in recent experience but assume you pay your money and take your choice..?

Also not clear on the issue of origianal software discs(OEM?), do they provide them? - if not how do you have the keys to authenticate as original copies?

  Wuggy 22:24 12 Jan 2006

I bought a Dell Dimension 8100 in July 2005. Have not required to upgrade nor will I need to for some time as it came with a very high spec. All software and driver disks came with the PC, plus there is a utility built into the system to allow you to create (on a one off basis) a bootable Recovery disk which is basically a copy of Windows XP as it copies all the info from the i386 folder on the hard drive. You still have a hidden recovery partition on the hard drive as well. It's a first class piece of kit and has not put a foot wrong in the 6 months I have been using it.

  ade.h 22:37 12 Jan 2006

Are these the only two companies that you would consider?

  Capital Idea 22:52 12 Jan 2006

Not really, just these seem to be ones with most add's.

  ade.h 23:05 12 Jan 2006

That simply tells you that they make enough profit to pay for a lot of multi-page advertisements.

  Capital Idea 23:33 12 Jan 2006

Point taken, are there any others that should be considered?

  ade.h 23:37 12 Jan 2006

Vantage, PC Specialist, Cube 247, Chillblast, Alienware, JAL, Evesham....

I could name a dozen or more.

  ade.h 23:39 12 Jan 2006

Spend a couple of months reading just about every online and print review that you can find.

click here click here

  flaming 05:18 13 Jan 2006

When I bought a year ago, I had heard a lot of anti-Dell talk re bad after-sales service. No good for me, a computer illiterate, so I ruled them out. A professional computer engineer recommended Mesh or HP, but as I am near a big Mesh outlet it would have been no problem to go back if necessary. I looked round the showroom but then there were only odd-shaped keyboards - a bug-bear of mine. I bought an HP XP Media Player from PC World in the end, paying considerably more than I had hoped, with a better flat-screen TFT TV monitor but this year later I am glad about my decision. You can mix and match with Mesh products, I noted. Having looked a lot before I bought I would say that you mightn't get quality at the price from either manufacturer if you want to do all the things you mention.

  flaming 05:56 13 Jan 2006

P.S. ade.h has obviously done much research, whereas I had not and quickly found myself getting confused by the welter of unfamiliar names an capacities. Thus I was confined to equipment I could actually see and touch in PC World and others big outlets near me. By sticking to my criteria I soon saw that I wasn't going to get a bargain package. The long-established well-known name appealed more. I saw my purchase as a one-off but you might view yours as one you would like to replace as new things came along.

  Capital Idea 09:54 15 Jan 2006

Thanks to all for input - think Ill have a good look for a few weeks, darw a min spec etc. and go for it!

Many Thanks again

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