Dell Ultrasharp 1901 LCD monitor

  J5 17:11 31 Mar 2004

Does anyone have any experience of this monitor, which I am thinking of buying? The only problems I have read about, in a couple of American reviews and user reports,is a tendency for text to be fuzzy with some type sizes. (That would be a big problem for me.) All advice very welcome.

  byfordr 19:51 31 Mar 2004

I've got the 18" version, no problems with text, dvds or games. Dell are normally pretty good with their monitors.


  kayr 20:40 31 Mar 2004

My monitor purchased at a bargain price from Novatech performs great with all types of graphics,dvd's, games and font types and sizes. The native resolution is supposed to be 1280 X 1024 but I do find even with cleartype enabled the text is not clear and sharp at this level. Viewing at 1024 X ? however the text is pin sharp and rock steady. At £316 it has proved a bargain.


  J5 13:04 01 Apr 2004

Many thanks to all for the comments, and a query arising from Kayr's interesting point. The review of the 1901 in PC World says 'The 1901FP rendered text best in Microsoft Word and Excel docoments; its text looked somewhat fuzzy on another screen showing various sizes of type'. CNET's review says 'There were also issues with text, which suffered from pixel fusion (letters running together) with fonts at 7.5 point and below.' Presumably both these reviewers were using the native 1280x1024 resolution. However, a contributor to Dell's own forum complained about problems at OTHER resolutions and was informed by another contributor that he could not expect good results except at 1280x1024. I assume that if I had to use a lower resolution, it means that I would get less text on the page, which would rather defeat the object of having a large screen that one can use in portrait mode. Incidentally, my main uses would be for editing manuscripts and web-based research, for both of which portrait mode would be helpful. (I have no experience of TFT monitors, which I expect is all too obvious.)

  J5 12:17 10 Apr 2004

I went ahead and bought the 1901FP, from Aria, at a good price, and I am very glad I did. The text is very sharp at 1280x1024, with clear type enabled. No dead pixels. And the monitor is very handsome. But there were unexpected problems. Because my principal use of a computer is for editing text (I edit a specialist journal)the facility to rotate from landscape to portrait is very useful. Amazingly, although this facility is advertised as among the monitor's features, the necessary software does not come with the package - it has to be downloaded. But when I tried to download it, I found there was none available that was supported by my Radeon 9700 graphics card. After first misinforming me that (contrary to what it says in the User Guide) the rotation feature was already available on my Dell 8250 system, Dell's technicl support said my only hope was that ATI would have a suitable driver to download, and they referred me to the ATI site. Nothing doing. In the end I downloaded pivot specialist software from another supplier (for $40) and this works beautifully. So I am very pleased with what I have, though baffled by Dell's practices. Thanks again to those who replied to my query. JS

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