Dell SP2309W and ATI Radeon 4850

  cactusjack 11:56 21 Dec 2008

Hello everyone,

Just a quick query - I recently ordered a Dell XPS Studio machine with an ATI Raedon 4850 card.

I am looking to buy a monitor to go with the machine. The monitor I am interested in is the Dell SP2309W (click here).

Looking at ATI's website, I notice that the 4850 card supports a resolution of up to 1920 by 1200 (click here).

1) The Dell SP2309W has a resolution of 2048 by 1152. Since this is a higher resolution than that listed for the ATI card, does that mean that the 4850 card will struggle to support this monitor?

2) Also does anyone own a Dell SP2309W? - is it any good - there doesn't seem to be much info on it online since it is new. The 2ms repsonse time looks really nice for gaming.

3) There is a lower model - the S2309 (click here) which is nearly £100 cheaper than the SP2309W. The S2309 has a resolution of 1920 by 1080. Would this go better with the ATI card, since this falls into the limits of the resolution supported by the card? - although it doesn't have the 2ms response time :-(

I look forward to any replies,

Thank you.

  citadel 18:20 21 Dec 2008

the higher the res the fps drops in games,
for example crisis on a 4870
1280x1024 29fps to 39fps
1680x1050 25fps to 30fps

  GaT7 19:36 21 Dec 2008

If you notice, the HD4850 can display HD resolutions up to 1920x1080 (if one looks under HDMI output support). The 2048x1152 resolution quoted for the monitor is "higher than Full HD" btw.

However, the HD4850 can otherwise support a max of 2560x1600 if using a dual-link DVI cable (most are dual-link anyway nowadays) - look under "Two integrated dual-link DVI display outputs".

Appears this model will be stunning, & I'd go for it over the cheaper one if I could afford it. There are other/larger monitors too (non-Dell) that you may want to consider, unless you've chosen this one for specific reasons. G

  cactusjack 19:41 21 Dec 2008

Thanks for all of the replies. It seems that running games at a higher resolution will mean lower fps. So in mind of that, I may go for a 20 inch monitor (also with a 2ms) instead - SP2009W (click here).

  Joe R 20:09 21 Dec 2008


for the same price you would be able to get a good Samsung or LG, 22" monitor, with the same resolution as the Dell you give the link to.

The main reason I say this, is I have seen a 20" screen with a 1680x1050 pixel size, and even when the appearance was set to large fonts, it was uncomfortable reading.

  GaT7 20:21 21 Dec 2008

The SP2309W (23" one) would make a much better buy - you won't regret it. You can still run games at a lower res, & you'll have greater versatility/flexibility with a bigger screen.

5ms is more than enough for games, so if this is your main usage then the S2309 for £95 less would make a better buy. G

  GaT7 20:24 21 Dec 2008

If you'd like to consider other 22"-24" monitors click here & click here. G

  GaT7 20:28 21 Dec 2008

Scan/Todayonly also have a collection of 22-24" monitors click here (click on the BUY link in that list for those prices). G

P.S. For free delivery click here or
click here

  GaT7 20:57 21 Dec 2008

Yep, it's me again!

Like the look of this LG L226WTQ with 2ms response time click here

Reviews: click here, click here, click here, click here, click here & click here

Some purchase links (from ~£142 delivered): click here, click here, click here & click here


  cactusjack 21:43 21 Dec 2008

Wow thanks Crossbow7!

I currently have a 20 inch Samsung monitor attached to another PC. For me, thats nice but can be a little too big at times.

So now I am considering a 19 inch widescreen monitor for my Dell Studio XPS PC. I am looking at LG vs Dell:

LG W1952TQ (2ms, 10,000:1 ratio)
(click here)

This also seems to be listed at Comet as a LG W1952TQ-PF (click here) with 5ms - although I presume this is a mistake, since other sites still list 2ms! Not sure what the PF adds or takes away from this model.

Dell UltraSharp 1909W (5ms, 1000:1 ratio) (click here)

The Dell is more expensive and has poorer specs, but... it is height adjustable, supports more colours and I hear people saying lots of good things about the Ultrasharp series of monitors...

What does everyone think?? LG vs Dell.

  GaT7 00:09 22 Dec 2008

There was a time when I think all the Dell UltraSharp models were PVA panels - unfortunately, not any more. The UltraSharp 1909W is only a TN panel, like the LG W1952TQ.

The 1909W may have an edge over the W1952TQ in terms of ergonomics & more colours, but there's no way I'd way the £50-60 extra for these features.

Here's another to consider - a ViewSonic VX1962WM click here / click here / click here (don't forget the free delivery option at eBuyer). G

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