Dell selling non upgradable computer

  7 of 9 19:27 22 Feb 2006

Dell have been really reluctant to honor their newspaper phone only offer on an Inspiron 1300 for 299 GBP.
After writing and complaining to their customer relations department they have made sure that anyone ringing for one will have no problems. When ordering one of these half an hour ago i was told that these machines being promotional were non upgradable - only possible to upgrade at the time of ordering. Although I stressed to the gentleman that all computers were upgradable, he said these machines were not upgradable.
Anyway, what i want to know please is - anyone can stick extra memory in a laptop, so how on earth can Dell say that these computers are non upgradable unless they have doctored them in some odd way.
Any thoughts.

  961 19:34 22 Feb 2006

Many Dell computers are built to their own design with motherboards and other items ordered from manufacturers by the multi thousand

As such it is not always easy to upgrade them. Some bits are soldered onto the motherboard. Some bits, being specially manufactured, may not be removed and replaced by an industry standard design that other manufacturers use

This does not amount to "doctoring" in my view

Clive Sinclair did the same with his Spectrum

Dell gives good value and supplies hundreds of thousands of units in a week. But most computer buffs will say it is not the first choice if you want to fiddle inside 12 months down the line

  SG Atlantis® 19:40 22 Feb 2006

961 really explains it well.

I'm 100% sure there won't be an AGP slot or PCIE slot. But there should at least be a spare PCI and spare RAM slots?

anyone have a definative answer?

  jakimo 21:48 22 Feb 2006

Take the advice given by 961,memory like other components can be soldered to the mobo,they would have told you if a memory module could be added at a later date

  SG Atlantis® 21:53 22 Feb 2006

click here

you can configure it here.

  jack 21:57 22 Feb 2006

Dell have always produced a line of dedicated machines designed for a set of functions and and sold by the 10's of 000's for large corporate customers. Because of this much of the parts are of dedicated design and manufacture, and are not to be messed with.This trend has moved to the entry level consumer market,other mainstream manufacturers are increasingly moving this way too.
'Open' systems will soon be the thing of custom builders and hobbyists .
I well remember the days of building Hi-Fi's dripping gobbets of solder onto the dining room table- I dare say few do it now, any more then any one would consider 'upgrading' a washing machine. -now computers.

  sidecar sid 23:16 22 Feb 2006

The laptop in question is the Inspiron 1300.

Regardless of what you may have been told on the phone it is possible to upgrade the memory yourself and a great deal cheaper than the prices Dell quote.

click here

Quite a few people have reported great difficulty trying to order this particular laptop at the advertised price.

click here

  spuds 23:23 22 Feb 2006

961 spells it out very well. The same applies to Dell (re-badged Lexmark)printers, which are slightly modified to Dell specifications, so that the ink cartridges are not interchangeable.But there is a remedy around this, if you know how!.

  jack 08:19 23 Feb 2006

MY remedy for 'spuds' Dell badged Lexmark is 'Bin it'

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