Dell - pricey on parts

  xania 13:24 28 Mar 2007

I read a great deal about how good Dell are on their customer service, but I simplpy have to report my experience today. I have identified that my neighbour's Optiplex 260 has a failed power supply. It took 3 telephone calls, all number suplpied by Dell, before I actually found the person I needed to order the part, but then wished I hadn't found him. How much for a power supply? £30? £50? No - £125 which, I to which, no doubt, you still have to add vat & delivery. It seems that trying to fit any other make won't work. No wonder their sevice is good - you do have to pay for it somehow. Frankly, my customer is going to buy a new PC that I can service. Sorry Dell - think again!!

  robbiepaul79 13:33 28 Mar 2007

Yeah Dell computers are nice but really if anything goes wrong and your out of warranty its new PC time, even upgrading has its many problems.

I like my Dell computer but i reckon next time im going to buy from standard compliant suppliers.

Yet saying that for those that like piece of mind and are not technical minded Dell is generally a good safe choice.

  spuds 14:44 28 Mar 2007

It as been noted for ages that Dell products are good, but not cheap on upgrades. Just try configuring a new computer system, and see some of the prices quoted for memory and the like.

I have just priced up an old Pentium Dell 17Gb hard drive £99.98 (yes 17Gb and £99.98). The same thing applied to the Dell monitor to computer cable for this obsolete system £19.98+vat (if and when available). Mainly due to being special to Dell. But the system did cost well over a £1.280 all those years ago.

  Stuartli 15:30 28 Mar 2007

Try click here or click here

Latter an especially good company to deal with.

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