Dell PCs

  addo1 13:24 05 Dec 2004

Could anyone give me advice please re Dell pc's

I am looking to buy a pc as a Xmas present for my 10 yr old daughter.
As it will mainly be used only for web browsing and homework she doesn't need anything more than basic at the moment.

I am currently torn between Ebuyer, who are offering a good deal on an Acer system, and Dell 2400 series.

I am tempted to go with Dell because of their name and reputation, but, because they give no detail of the available motherboard expansion slots I am a little worried about being able to upgrade it at a later date.

I will shortly be looking to add a wireless PCI adaptor, and I am sure that graphics cards and more memory could well follow as she gets a little older.

I would be grateful of any advice that anyone has of adding to / upgrading Dell machines.
Cheers all.


  ened 14:01 05 Dec 2004

Dell make it very difficult and expensive to upgrade their machines.
Even the case has wiring for the front which won't plug into a standard mobo.

  961 14:45 05 Dec 2004

Quite honestly for a 10 year old I would go for Dell. The value is hard to beat, as is the back up if anything goes wrong

It is true that in a couple of year's time you'll find her wanting something bigger and better. But at that stage you may well be happy to buy new at an even lower price

The alternative is to go down to PCWorld and buy off the shop floor. Don't spend megabucks. You don't need to

But whichever you buy ensure you get it delivered or picked up well before Christmas and make sure it works before Dec 25th so that if there is a problem you can get it fixed

  addo1 15:59 05 Dec 2004

Thanks for your responses.

Would I be able to add any wireless PCI card to it or does it have to be Dell?

  961 18:43 05 Dec 2004

No, it doesn't have to be Dell so long as there is a spare slot

But why not ask them to supply the computer with one fitted?

Once you start adding things which naturally involves opening the box you tend to create difficulty with the warranty

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