Dell PC

  Ritchie2 02:06 15 Jul 2006

I just bought a new PC on dell for £630, here are the specs;

Dimension 5150
19" Ultra sharp Flat Panel
Pentium D 930 3GHz (Dual core)
Windows Media Centre 2005

Is the graphics for this system any good as this was originally intended for gaming also can I get anything better for the same price?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:57 15 Jul 2006

If you have just bought it, then don't worry about being able to get anything better for the price - relax and enjoy it.

If you are not satisfied with gaming performance, you may be able to get a better graphics card when the funds allow.

  SG Atlantis® 09:54 15 Jul 2006

pretty good system

Upgrade the graphics at a later date... that's all.

Dell is the biggest PC manufacturer in the world, do you think they can be significantly beaten? no.

I notice it has Media Centre, so it will have a TV card installed aswell. You got quite a bit for your money... I'd be pleased with it!

  spuds 10:33 15 Jul 2006

One problem with Dell, is certain types of upgrading or using other 'branded' components can be a problem. Let's hope that graphic cards is not one of them!.

  anskyber 19:30 15 Jul 2006

You need to know that you have a bargain for that price. The graphics card is good and a year or so ago it would have been amongst the best. Gaming will be fine but you may have difficulty with high end games.

oh.... I have a Dell as well.

  Woolwell 19:33 16 Jul 2006

Sorry you cannot assume that because it has Media Centre it also has a TV Card. I have Media centre but not a TV card.

  Jimmy14 20:26 16 Jul 2006

did you purchase media center on its own or did it come with a new pc?

  SG Atlantis® 20:35 16 Jul 2006

Never seen MCE sold with a computer without TV installed.

It's one of the requirements system builders must adhere to, I'm almost 100% sure on this. I read it on the Microsoft website previously.

click here

TV is a well stated feature of MCE.

  Woolwell 20:38 16 Jul 2006

Bought in March 2006 an Evesham with Windows Media Centre 2005 but without a TV card.

  Woolwell 20:41 16 Jul 2006

There are media centre computers and PC's with media centre 2005 as the operating system. Media centre computers are designed to be quiet and operate in the lving room and the others are like normal PC's but with the media centre add-ons.

Sorry - I seem to be hijacking the thread

  Jimmy14 20:47 16 Jul 2006

I bought a HP Media Center in April and it came with an Analogue and Digital receiver installed. I thought a Tv Card would be standard with Media Center because that is one of the main aspects of it plus "Woolwell" am I right in saying you configured the Evesham System yourself and chose to have the operating system Media Center but not another option ad Tv Card?

Sorry for hijacking.

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