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  al7478 16:02 19 May 2007

I wasnt sure what section to put this in so i hope its apropriately placed.

Im thinking ahead to my next pc. I currently have a Dell, but im not convinced that the extended warranyty was really worth it, and i would feel more secure all round using a good computer shop nearby to me.

But i was wondering what the state of play would be as far as getting rid of my current pc (selling it whole, or selling the parts), or even just improving it after im out of warranty. Are any other parts compatible with dell, or are these courses of action a straight no-no...?

  spuds 17:31 19 May 2007

You can interchange some parts on a Dell machine, but certain things are built to Dell specifications and modified as such.

If you intend selling it then a complete 'working' machine would most likely sell easier. If you intend to sell 'as parts' then eBay may be a good outlet. New Dell components can be slightly pricey, and there could be a market for certain parts.

Regarding improving, would all depend on the actual model and components being used at present. Sometimes the cost of upgrading, can be non-productive, especially if you have a new buy in mind.

  Totally-braindead 17:34 19 May 2007

Regarding upgrading the likes of a Dell. It can be differcult. For one thing the branded PCs, and by this I mean them all not just Dell, tend to be stingy in the power supplies they fit. Fine when you get the PC but if you want to upgrade the graphics for example you find yourself shelling out for another power supply as well as a grphics card, and the lower end Dells come without an AGP or PCI Express slot.
You can add more memory easily enough, upgrade the hard drive, perhaps even add a second hard drive or a TV card or whatever.
It all depends what Dell you have and whether it has a graphics slot.
Breaking it up and selling the parts really means Ebay I suppose and unless someone had the exact same PC that had developed a fault I don't think you would get that much for it.
And selling it as a complete going unit is likely to be a bit dissappointing as well as prices have dropped so much that people can really buy new rather than having to buy a second hand one.
Regarding upgrading you could, providing the case is standard buy a motherboard bundle and a power supply. But I have no idea if you would get anything for the old motherboard/processor etc and you would need a new copy of windows as well as the copy you have for the Dell isn't transferable.
I think selling the complete thing on as a going unit is the most sensible option although you might not get too much for it.

  al7478 17:49 19 May 2007

Thankyou both! I'll probably try to sell it whole then, rather than sell the parts. the bundle idea would leave me needing to offload parts still, so its best to just buy a whole new one i think.

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