Dell or Toshiba Laptop?

  IanS1 09:49 17 Jun 2007

I need to buy a new laptop (“notebook”).

I only need a cheap basic model, and I’m trying to choose between the Toshiba Satellite A100-02M vs. the DELL Inspiron 6400 (or the cheaper Inspiron 1501).

The Toshiba costs £100 more (significant extra for me), but the spec. doesn’t look any better. However the Toshiba is often recommended & I can buy it from John Lewis in Oxford St. London, which is attractive because I trust John Lewis as a shop.

Which would you buy? Here’s a brief comparison of the main specs -

Toshiba Satellite A100-02M - £500, Intel dual-core processor 1.7GHz, 80GB drive, 1024RAM, Vista Home Premium.

Dell Inspiron 6400 - £430, Intel dual-core T080 proc. 1.7GHz, 1024MB RAM (as 2x512), 80GB drive, Vista Home Premium.

Dell Inspiron 1501 - £400, AMD Turion 64X2 processor, 120Gb drive, 1024MB RAM, Vista Home Premium.

DELL Inspiron 1501 - £370, same spec as above but AMD Sempron processor, Vista Home Basic, 80Gb drive.

Thanks for any advice & opinions.


  MrNerdy 10:01 17 Jun 2007

Go for Toshiba, i bought my laptop from one of their Outlet centres,
Very well made & great support offered.

  Totally-braindead 10:07 17 Jun 2007

I'm not a laptop fan and subsequently not an expert on them. The only thing I can say is two of my friends have Toshibas, one has had theres perhaps 3-4 years and the other has had his for maybe 3 years. Both are still going strong, neither has ever had any problem with them and they seem very well made and solid.
So personally if I was going to get one the Tosh would have my vote.
Well worth looking about for the best price though as you might get it cheaper, does PC World not have a Tosh on special - seem to recall a recent TV ad?

  mikef. 11:23 17 Jun 2007

I've got the Dell 6400, with higher specs, and am very impressed with it and the service from Dell so that would be my recommendation again look at the Dell outlet site, you may get a better deal

  dewskit 11:52 17 Jun 2007

Have a look at
click here

They have a Dell Inspiron 1501 at £329 including VAT with a DELL 3 year warranty, also quite a few more Dell and other laptops

  David4637 14:24 17 Jun 2007

Tosh is the best. David

  IanS1 17:23 17 Jun 2007

OK guys, thanks for those replies.

Any more suggestions & comments gratefully received. :)


  wishtobwireless 18:23 17 Jun 2007

Dell are good but if you buy Toshiba you can go into PC world at any time and they will try and help. Probably less likely to on a Dell maybe!

  Forum Editor 19:11 17 Jun 2007

make excellent laptops.

Sometimes what it comes down to is a personal preference for a particular manufacturer, and often there's nothing to base it on but 'I like their machines'.

That's the case with me, and the manufacturer ids Toshiba - I just love Toshiba laptops. I'm perfectly prepared to admit that other machines may be equally as good, but sometimes it's a fact that we let our hearts rule our heads.

  IanS1 19:54 17 Jun 2007

At £400 the DELL-1501 actually has a bigger disk ie 120MB (the Toshiba and DELL-6400 both have 80MB disk), however that cheaper DELL-1501 also has Turion processor, whereas the Toshiba and the DELL-6400 both have Intel dual-core the questions are -

..... is the Turion processor much inferior?

..... and is it worth having the 120MB disk on the DELL-1501?


  Totally-braindead 21:10 17 Jun 2007

As I understand it the Intel is better and is it worth having the larger hard drive, well it depends on what you use the PC for. Are you likely to fill the PC with loads of music and video files? Generally the bigger drive the better but 80 gig is still a reasonable amount of space.
I believe one of the advantages of the Intel mobile processors, and I'm sure someone will correct me if I get this wrong, is that they have good power saving options and therefore can help extend battery life. Having said that I don't know how the Turion compares.

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