Dell or HP Notebook

  mike246 12:52 20 Apr 2007

I want to buy either a Dell Inspirion 9400 or a HP Pavilion 9233 Notebook but after looking over and over again at both I cannot make my mind up. Can anyone please give me advise on their dealings good or bad with either computers or the companies.

  puma22 14:40 20 Apr 2007

I dont know much about HP, but I've got a dell pc and laptop. One thing to be careful of with dell is the price/spec changes constantly and if you do your research and bide your time, can get an excellent deal. This forum posts dell deals click here If you buy via quidco click here you can get a further 5% off.
With my pc I bought the extended warranty. IMHO a complete waste of money. The folks on here offer a better service. I did'nt bother when buying the laptop.
Hope that this is of some help

  mike246 18:39 20 Apr 2007

Thanks very much for your info, the sites you mentioned are very interesting and they are both new to me. Also interesting what you say about Ext Warranty, a lot of money to stake out, always a gamble but one worth thinking about.Will keep an eye on Dell.

  PP321 20:19 20 Apr 2007

ALLWAYS go for dell over HP.

  J B 20:25 20 Apr 2007

Whats the matter with HP?. Depending on what you want to do with the notebook HP are IMHO very good. J.B.

  mike246 20:32 20 Apr 2007

Thank you both for your replies, its to replace an old desktop which will be used mainly for email, photo both still and for camcorder editing and web browsing.

  Jackcoms 20:34 20 Apr 2007

Dell first and always.

HP - they make brown sauce don't they??

  PP321 21:55 20 Apr 2007


Ive repaird HP's computers at component level, and after seeing the build quality, they may as well do haha.

  mike246 16:55 21 Apr 2007

Thank you for all your help. decided to buy Dell today.

  QinesiQ 17:35 21 Apr 2007

since they have the same ODM for a lot of their models! So I guess this implies that Dells are only good for sauce too???

I think the HP build quality is very good – no complaints here. And a darn site better than a sony viao otherwise ODM’ed by Asus.

Equally, I would say dells are very good but I’ve always got more for my money with hp. And the dell websites have always put me off – one page you pay x and then at check out it miraculously changes even when you don’t change anything. I think their cover is overpriced and they have many customer complaints – like anyone else.

I have always bought insurance cover rather than warranty cover – especially after my experience with sony.

  [email protected] 01:04 22 Apr 2007

The reason Dell's prices increase from one page to another is because they automatically include the extended warranty. Remove that and you get the original advertised price.

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