wobbler 09:49 19 Sep 2009

Ordered a PC from DEll 8 days ago on the premis that they woyuld deliver within 48 hours. I am still waiting despite numerous phone calls. When i try and track my order iget the message "order status not available as the ordr is still being processed" which makes me think its lost!! Dell support are next to useless and keep telling me it with the finance - what finance? I am very disapointed as the last PC i bought was from DELL 5 years ago and the service was excellent. Anybody else had problems?

  PalaeoBill 14:44 19 Sep 2009

Did you take advantage of the interest free credit offer and defer payment by any chance?
If you did then Dell Finance will be involved. It could be that they haven't cleared the sale and Dell Customer support can't do anything (for some reason these two arms of Dell seem incapable of resolving issues between themselves).
If this is the case you will need to speak to Dell Finance directly yourself to resolve this.

  interzone55 15:28 19 Sep 2009

After shedding a huge chunk of their staff from Limerick and Cherrywood in Ireland & Bracknell in the UK and moving the jobs to Eastern Europe Dell seem to be having numerous customer service issues.

I have a former colleague who raised a support request via Dell's Enterprise Support and they sent the response to his old email address at our company. Luckily his emails are being forward to me at the moment, so I picked it up and responded to Dell with his new contact details, since then 4 different Dell personnel with Indian sounding names have been in touch, all at his old address, and none are using his new address and phone number I gave them.

Also, Dell's finance company seem to have trouble accepting new information. I get all Dell invoices for our company, but I shouldn't get them, they should go to our Finance department. After sending them the correct email address 6 times I gave up and set up an Outlook rule to auto forward the emails, but the from address changes each time, so the rule doesn't work...

  kidsis 16:09 19 Sep 2009

apologies if this is what you have already done, but if you go to the Dell Community site, at the bottom of the page you will see Order Status. Click on that, and on the next page at the bottom you should see Order Support. If you have not tried this it could be worth a shot.

  spuds 21:00 19 Sep 2009

When you state "What finance", are you not sure how you agreed to pay for the item. If you have taken out the Dell finance package, without reading it fully, then you may find that you might have a few surprises!.

With regards to delivery times, again you may well have further surprises, because Dell are informing people of extra delays with certain models of their various ranges.

On a personal note, I have used Dell many many times for various items, and I can only state, that each of these transactions rated 100%. But having said that, Dell have certainly gone downhill, and my last 'attempted' dealing with them, was when I wanted to purchase a laptop using Dell's special voucher codes. A very long story so I won't bore you with that, but due to the actions of Dell on that day, I transferred my business to Ebuyer, and received a laptop within 13 hours from placing the order. The product specifications were similar, but the price was cheaper, and that included additional parts plus free delivery.

  ened 07:16 20 Sep 2009

Dell difinitely make good products but I think their customer service resources are probably directed towards the corporate market.

The individual will be fine so long as he fits inside the 'model'. Step outside that and you would be better off shopping elsewhere.

The OP is a case in point and spuds has shown the way.

  Input Overload 09:05 24 Sep 2009

I have found DELL customer service as a home user caring for 8 DELL units to be exemplary.

  wobbler 09:17 24 Sep 2009

In the past and for tech support they have been Ok, but on this occasion they are being totally useless, in fact As it is now 14 days since I placed the order and its staus is still shown as processing, and customer service are still trying to fob me off I have cancelled the order.

  spuds 10:20 24 Sep 2009

Why carry on with this saga. Go elsewhere like I did, and receive instant confirmation. Novatech, PCW or Ebuyer might be another substitute, and I believe they all do finance deals with fairly instant referal !.

  bemuzed 15:56 27 Sep 2009

I had similar problem a while back and turned out my credit card transaction failed (I had made a typing mistake) and it was only when I chased up after a week I discovered the problem. The web site did not say it had failed and looked like order was progressing.

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