Dell non service

  Costa30 19:28 12 Jan 2010

My new Dell Vostro 220 arrived a week ago minus an ordered mediacard reader. I sent an email via their web site for shortages. States reply should be within 24 hours.Ignored. Three days later I spent a frustrating two hours listening to Dell music while being transferred from one agent to another. Each time it was “What is your order number, what is the problem I will transfer you to someone who can help you. Eventually spoke to the salesman who admitted a mistake. No further contact from Dell. My emails ignored. Spoke to head office Friday afternoon. “We will respond within six hours”. Nothing. So, Dell, my third Dell PC will be my last from you.

  rdave13 19:52 12 Jan 2010

It's a shame that big companies sometimes get it wrong. Then lose a customer.
I've never dealt with Dell but I'd certainly persevere through the e-mail medium. Create an email copy so that you don't have to re-type and send one every so often to see if you get a human response eventually.

  awest3 16:58 13 Jan 2010

I've always been impressed with Dell customer services, last 4 machines have been Dell. They were good when my new Machine had a HDD issue, they sent a new one and spent 2-3 hours over a day in assisting me in rebuilding it. Having said that I wondered why they could not just send a new drive with everything on image if you like (used to do this when building new machines where I worked. Anyway I had cause to use their online support the other day as I'd managed to bend some compact flash pins in the 19-1 card reader, (CF is a Stupid design why they can't use SD cards is beyond me). I'd asked if they could tell me which 19-1 replacement device I needed for my machine...Talk to sales was their literal answer and they then logged off the session. I was not best pleased so bought an alternative card reader at half the price elsewhere. I shall think hard when next buying a machine.

  awest3 17:00 13 Jan 2010

Sorry I missed a bit..there are 5 or 6 19-1 readers on their site with numbers which did not match the one I had ..hence needing the advice.

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