Dell Non Customer Service

  beebender 12:47 21 Sep 2007

My 18 month old Dell Inspiron 6000 suffered a hard drive failure last week which was replaced under warranty.

This week the battery failed and I was told it was only warrantied for 1 year and I would have to buy a new battery, cost, £108-00.

I was promised urgent courier delivery and 3 days later have heard nothing.

I have just spent a frustrating 30 minutes talking to India and being passed from pillar to post on 0870 premium rates and getting absolutely nowhere.

I will NEVER buy another Dell - can somebody please tell me where to write so I can vent my considerable anger at this appalling service.

I am going abroad shortly and need the laptop for my degree studies and I am hugely offended by the total lack of interest shown by Dell.

Buyers beware.

  Clapton is God 13:34 21 Sep 2007

I, for one, am at a loss to understand exactly at which point you believe Dell's customer service has failed.

It's not clear from your post.

If, however, you think that the non-appearance of a new battery by "urgent courier delivery and 3 days later have heard nothing" is the issue, doesn't that possibly lie with a tardy courier company rather than with Dell?

  Al94 14:17 21 Sep 2007

Agreed, I have always found Dell excellent and do exactly what they promise.

  beebender 15:02 21 Sep 2007

It doesn't help my situation to be advised of your good experience.

I have a non working laptop and a credit card charge of £108-00 (to include next day delivery) and no goods after 3 days.

I want a land address in England to write to as I have been unable to get any response to my various telephone calls and emails and I reckon today's phone costs alone are in the order of £20-00.

Can anybody help?

  iambeavis 15:20 21 Sep 2007
  spuds 17:30 21 Sep 2007

You appear to be blaming Dell for everything, but have you stepped back a little and considered all the events. You had a hard drive failure, and it would appear that Dell undertook an extremely rapid repair. You then seemed alarmed that the battery warranty was for only 1 year, this is standard practise, in fact some manufacturers even suggest 6 months on that issue, and refurbishing agencies may offer no guarantee at all.

Deliveries are governed by courier services, and Walsh Western (?) one of the main couriers for Dell are extremely good, I know, I have purchased many items from Dell, and have been very pleased with all my purchases and deliveries. Dell would not have a wide commercial customer base, if they provided rubbish product and extremely poor service. Your particular package would be one item among thousands that Dell and their couriers send out on a daily basis.Have you checked you email or Dell account for a tracking number, so as to see if the battery is in the system?.

Going on the point of requesting details of address's, then this proved easy to find by a little internet search. If you have all your Dell correspondence, then contact information should be available on that.

Your comments at 15.02 seem to come over as a demand, rather than a friendly request for help from other 'voluntary' forum members.If you made demands from Dell, no wonder you were given the run-around.

  beebender 18:01 21 Sep 2007

I think your thread is hostile, unhelpful and unfriendly in a very stressful situation which is not my fault.

I have now resolved the issue by other means.

  roy 18:39 21 Sep 2007

As you say that you have now resolved your problem the following is probably of no use to you. However,that is a lot of money for a battery. I think Dell, in common with many other companies, charge top wack on accessories although I have bought four laptops from them over the last couple of years and quite like dealing with them.I bought a battery on ebay about a year ago for pounds thirty something plus post,for an Inspiron 6000.
See this (without committment on my part; not the chap I bought from) and others in the same section.
click here

  beebender 19:43 21 Sep 2007

Thank you Roy - very helpful.

I have used Dell for 10 years and this is the first time I have had a major problem.

The battery was top of the range and I am surprised it only lasted 18 months and so were Dell.

I will have a look.

Once again many thanks.

  laurie53 19:48 21 Sep 2007

As I've said on other threads, I have found Dell's customer support to be virtually non-existent.

I would use a Filofax before I ever bought another Dell computer.

The bottom line is we all go by our own experiences. The fact that you have picked the one bad day in 10,000 good ones does not make your experience any better.

  beebender 19:56 21 Sep 2007

Exactly laurie53, it is now 8pm on Friday and I was promised delivery yesterday by 5pm. I can't now get delivery until Monday and Dell charged me extra for guaranteed 48 hour delivery.

I have traded in the Inspiron tonight and bought a new laptop from a well known local business and will never use Dell again.

How can companies be so stupid as to lose customers like this?

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