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  Why wont it work 10:11 10 Oct 2008

Hi, in March I think it was, I was bought a Dell 2408 monitor (with the premium 3 yr no dead pixel warranty), and it was very lovely indeed. At the beginning of October it went wrong, the screen went a vile shade of pink, no problem rang up Dell and they sent a new (refurbished) one the next day. The replacement was a bit dirty and had dead pixels! So I rang them up again and they duely replaced it.

My second replacement was seemingly perfect, however on closer inspection, there was a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen. (Once you know its there you've had it, you always see it). Drawing upon the warranty Dell replaced it again (which was a bit of a battle, since apparently I would need 5 pixels before they replaced it normally, despite what the warranty said!) It should also be noted that the monitor started to squeal during use, which was also irritating.

My latest replacement came today and was absolutely filthy, took ages to get the grup off the screen, and alas! Two bright blue pixels along the task bar!

Now I know I am being fussy, but is this right for a monitor which currently costs £506 on the Dell website and has their top warranty? I know the terms say they can send refurbished models, but is it time I demand a new one? Or am I just being overly demanding? Thanks for reading this little essay...

  GRIDD 11:16 10 Oct 2008

I'd be fuming mad. >:-0>

  spuds 11:01 12 Oct 2008

I do not know if it still applies, but having a dead pixel in the centre of the screen, was always a replacement. Five in corners or sides etc was regarded as 'within specification'. But since then, the products have got far better and cheaper.

Having received a number of poor quality monitors, I would definitely contact a senior member of the company, and state your displeasures.

As a point of interest, did you buy direct from Dell or another outlet retailer!.

  setecio 17:11 13 Oct 2008

It'll be in the terms of the warranty ... if it says up to 5 are allowed then you rly on their goodwill. If it is a warrnty that absolutely zero dead pixels then demand your rights to a new/refurbish monitor !

Again new / refurbished .... if it says they can send you a refurbished one then you rely on their good will.

However sound knowledgable, calm, speak like a lawer and they'll probably cave in.

  Why wont it work 20:27 13 Oct 2008

Well in the end I had to call in the cavalry (ie my mother even though I'm 20, apparently I'm useless and can't get anything done- as is the way!)

Anyway, mother managed to speak to someone of authority and informed them that she had salvaged better equipment from a skip, and for this to happen 3 times was ludicrous. Whoever she spoke to obviously agreed (or I am ashamed to say, didn't want to face verbal annihilation) as they said that they will be sending a brand new monitor within 10 days, and will collect the old one for extensive testing.

Thus proving that Dell support is actually quite good (although their refurbished standards leave a little to be desired perhaps), and also that if you're me at least, and you need something done get mum... I won't close this quite yet, I'll wait until I have a shiny new monitor on my desk with no faults, or strange smears etc!

  Why wont it work 14:21 20 Oct 2008

A brand new monitor turned up today, with no faults or anything. Very happy now!

They still haven't taken away the old monitor though, despite saying they would do so on Thursday (and then Friday asked I queried why they hadn't turned up..)

  spuds 15:29 20 Oct 2008

The main thing is that you now have a new monitor, with perhaps a new full 3 year warranty.

I should wait for a week or so, and then remind them of the faulty monitor. Perhaps they may tell you that is surplus to their requirements, and you can keep it ;o)

  Worm 15:44 24 Oct 2008

This monitor is on the dell site for about £500 and comes with the 3 yr Premium Pixel warranty.

On third party sites its about £400 but they will only supply it with the standrad 3yr warranty.

I wonder if there are inferior versions of it on sale. I emailed DELL and several of the sites about the this but none bothered to reply!!

  spuds 17:54 24 Oct 2008

If the model number and specifications are the same, then there should not be any inferior versions unless there is a clear indication of grading or refurbishment.

Regarding warranties on monitors sold direct or through retail channels could have slight differences on how contract were agreed. PC World use to sell some monitors with a 1 year warranty and 2 further years cover with a PCW extended warranty at extra price. Similar products could be obtained elsewhere with a full 3 year manufacturers warranty.

  Why wont it work 08:28 10 Nov 2008

Oh well, I fear that the brand new 2 week old replacement is on it's way out already. First of all the card reader started playing up (would have to keep turning monitor on and off until it was detected). Now, much more annoyingly the monitor constantly hums/buzzes, this turns to a really high pitched squeal if there is lots of black on the screen!

Not sure I can go through the pains of ringing them up again, I doubt they'll send another new one (instead of an awful refurb like normal). I doubt they'd even believe me anymore, probably just think I'm overly fussy, I'm not sure if I can even believe it myself! What is this, monitor no. 5?

  Why wont it work 08:30 10 Nov 2008

PS- in terms of the humming noise, I've tried replacing the cables and the usual fiddling with the brightness settings trick, but neither with success- the buzz is there at all brightnesses, so I'm guessing it could be the internal power supply or something similar.

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