Dell Latitude / Inspiron ?

  jarani 21:00 16 Jul 2007

what are the differences / preferences please ?

buying for know-all 13 year old - jarani

  wjrt 22:34 16 Jul 2007

latitude - was mainly for the business market
inspiron - was mainly for home user
you pay your money and take your choice if you can see the difference

  PalaeoBill 10:24 17 Jul 2007

From personal experience the latitudes live longer in the business world. They are built more robustly and stand up to the abuse they get. In business laptops generally belong to the company not the user and the level of care they receive is not the same as if the user actually owned them.
For a 13 yr old, if it is going to live in a bedroom for the most part, I would say pick whichever one you can get the better deal on (i.e. that has the better spec for the same money). If it was a college student we were discussing I would go for the Latitude.

  jarani 12:20 17 Jul 2007

wjrt & MTP - many thanks for your comments

13yr old in a boarding school - maybe Latitude would be a better choice - regards - jarani

  keef66 14:31 17 Jul 2007

we have D600 Latitudes at work and they have been quite unreliable with about 60% of the hard drives failing within 3 years (mine included) Baffling thing is it isn't a batch problem, nor are the failing drives all the same make, so I suspect it might be software / power management / cooling related.

A significant number also had / have problems with haunted keyboard / mouse symptoms.

Having said all that, the pc's are now 3 - 4 years old, so I imagine if you're buying now you'll be getting a significantly improved laptop.

  wjrt 17:48 17 Jul 2007

for school use might be worth looking at Toshiba range as some models come with what I think they call "easyguard" which have a 100cc spill proof keyboard , strengthened casing and extra protection for the hard drive. Toshiba has retail business with two stores a Google should find them and phone for relevant models.

  jarani 18:45 17 Jul 2007

many thanks for the advice and a warning - will look at toshibas which have a good reputation - regards - jarani

  PalaeoBill 20:04 17 Jul 2007


Just to balance things out. I've never had a Dell laptop fail in the way keef66 describes (although I've never had a D600, my company uses mostly D505's). I had one die that was driven over (I think the guy wanted a new dual core one) and a few that were thoroughly abused, including being dropped which we repaired. I have had three Toshiba Tecras that died though.
Please temper your decision with that fact the every IT professional has a supplier horror story to tell and the supplier varies depending upon who you talk to.
Pick the machine you can get the best deal on, you won't go far wrong with either Toshiba or Dell.

  Hunte® 21:05 18 Jul 2007

'Haunted' keyboard and mouse problems on Dell Latitudes is caused by the annoying mouse stick thingy. If you don't use it and the option exists in the BIOS, try turning it off, otherwise it is time for a new keyboard. These problems have existed for years (and I saw more of them on old C series Latitiudes).

Inspirons only have the glide pad usually so don't suffer from the same problem.

  PalaeoBill 13:10 19 Jul 2007

That explains alot, the Latitude D505 doesn't have a 'mouse stiick thingy' (I like that term I am going to use from now on).

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