is dell latitude cpx p3 500 a good laptop

  havent a clue 01:31 31 Dec 2003

I got this at christmas l have not got the fogest idea what all that means. can someone put that into english for stupit people pleasss.

  Mysticnas 03:14 31 Dec 2003

... this one???

click here

  -Beb- 16:51 31 Dec 2003

well the p3 500 basically means that it's a pentium 3 (p3) 500Mhz (500). This is just the processor speed, nothing else about the laptop. If this is correct then the laptop is gonna be pretty slow as it's a very old cpu

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:00 31 Dec 2003

'If this is correct then the laptop is gonna be pretty slow as it's a very old cpu'...rubbish, unless you are gasming mad this will run more than fast enough. I have just gone from a 350mhz, pentium 2 to a 3200 Athlon and using Photochop and word documents the extra speed is not that much. Advertising spiel really does work well ;-))))

You have got a superb laptop from one of the world's top companies, don't listen to the 'you've got to have a Pentium4 3.06 or you are a nobody' people.


  756gpk 17:32 31 Dec 2003

Just want to say that I agree with Gandalf. I am still using a Compaq Armada E700 with a 400Mhz P2 - it is nearly 5 years old. The only change to the original spec was to increase the ram from 128 to 512mb and that has made it more stable (a MS OS problem not a hardware problem) and fast enough for all normal (non-gaming) uses. Also, make sure that there are no unnessary programs running in the background. Unless you need to do high-end video/graphic editing or massive 3D gaming then you have nothing to worry about. All the best and a happy new year.

This is ample enough...

I use XP1700 above cos i use my machine for different things from gaming to web hosting.....

Otherwise i would be over joyed with P3 500mhz laptop for everyday use!

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