Dell Laptops

  pctwonk 13:19 08 Apr 2007

I posted this on absolute beginners, but maybe this is a better spot

Are they any good ?

Reading the mag it suggests that intel processors are the best, but Dell Inspiron use AMD Sempron or whatever it is.

The rest of the spec seems really good 1024 RAM in a £400 laptop, 80 GB hard disk.

But is the processor worth it.

All the laptops with intel at this price only have 512 RAM.

What's the best way to go ?

  Kate B 14:08 08 Apr 2007

Please don't post duplicate threads. Stick with your original thread which has some responses, please click here

  bremner 14:10 08 Apr 2007

Dell make very good if somewhat uninspiring machines.

The cheapest end of the Dell range use AMD processors because they are cheap and therefore keep the price down. The Inspiron 6400's use Intel Core Duo's and Core 2 Duo's and cost a little more. click here

If your budget extends far enough go for one of those.

  spuds 16:14 08 Apr 2007

Dell products are very good, you only need to look at the commercial market for evidence of this.

If you intend buying a Dell, then check out the various discounts offered, usually from different mailshots. Even on the same model machine, there could be 'free delivery' and certain 'free upgrades' which can make a nice saving on the final outcome. The same thing applies to Dell warranties, savings are possible. Even calling the telesales line at certain times can result in extra discounts or incentives, if you ask.

One thing that you should be aware, is the price of upgrades during configuration. Dell upgrade prices are not always the cheapest. Also bear in mind, some components are made to Dell's specifications, and may prove to be an obstacle if you want to upgrade at a later stage. Another point also worth considering, is Dell's finance packages, if you are considering purchasing that way- Read the terms and conditions before committing yourself!.

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