Dell laptop from Dell or PCWorld

  Roy* 13:32 21 May 2009

I’m considering getting a laptop for my daughter. I appreciate many of you may have doubts about Dell products and service but if I was to get a Dell can anyone comment on the pros and cons on buying one from Dell online compared to PCWorld who sell them also.

I imagine with Pcworld they’re standard units so you don’t have the option of adjusting the spec and that they add some price on to cover the service they offer. I supsect the advantage with PCWorld is that any problems you can take it back to the shop?

  jja244 14:01 21 May 2009

Be very careful if you are dealing with PCWorld. They are well known for trying to fob you off to the manufacturer if something goes wrong.

  Roy* 14:26 21 May 2009

Don't they have some level of expertise?

  Woolwell 15:08 21 May 2009

I don't think that there is anything wrong with Dell units.
I was looking at laptops recently and, although I didn't end up with a Dell, I found it very useful to compare the online price and spec with those at PC World and Tesco. I came to the conclusion that I could get better spec for my money online.
Suggest you do exactly the same and see which works out as better value for money.

  Roy* 15:18 21 May 2009

at PCWorld for £500 you get:

Dell 1545 Blue Laptop
Product code: 533566
• Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400
• (2 GHz, 800 MHz, 2 MB Cache)
• Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
• 4 GB Memory
• 320 GB Hard Drive

On the Dell website if you build one up to the same spec it’s £506…

  961 15:35 21 May 2009

Buy from Dell everytime

Haggle for discount or free add ons

Don't pay for extended warranty. If it works when you get it and for 28 days thereafter it will work until you are sick of it and want a new one

  bjh 15:36 21 May 2009

Dell - no problem in my book. Good laptops, and in my experience, decent after sales service. Some complain, but I suspect some of them are being unrealistic in expectation. Business users would not return in the millions the way they do, if Dell was as bad as some people make out.

They have always given something extra if asked/gently pushed... previous laptops have had (1)the memory doubled for free, (2) a one-size upgrade on the hard drive and (shows how long ago this one was), (3) an upgrade from a CD-RW to a DVD-RW. One got a free docking station and laptop bag as well... either I was being my most bargainatious, or I'd been the fool and not noticed ...

So a call along the lines of "I'm pricing up a XXX but I see I can pick it up for less at PC World which is strange. Can you YYY for me "

Normally you'll get more for your money if you know what you want upgraded, and go for an upgrade not price match. Be reasonable. For £6 you may well double the memory, you won't get a 1gig hard disk!

Finally, remember it is just a phone call, so you can blush! Ask straight out for what you want on top, be clear and you will likely get it. If you don't, there's no shame, either accept what they offer, or have a cuppa and try again with the next sales rep!

  bjh 15:37 21 May 2009

Yes, I'm personally with 961 also on the warranty. Mind you each to his own on that - if peace of mind matters...

  MAJ 15:40 21 May 2009

I'm using that model at the moment, got it as a present for Christmas. I bought it from PCWorld at £499, it works very well and is quite fast. I can't speak for PCWorld's customer service personally, as I've never had anything major go wrong in the ten years I've been buying stuff from them. I did buy a faulty router from them once but it was replaced instantly and the replacement is still working about four years later.

  Roy* 15:45 21 May 2009

I've read some lengthy delivery times on reviews but I guess they are worst case?

How about software discounts any chance of that when negotiating e.g. Microsoft office

  961 16:10 21 May 2009

Always use the Dell site to price on line

Then ring to check if you can negotiate a discount

The guys that man the phones have a quota to fill. per day, per week, per month. He may be abroad, treat him with respect. He's probably working for peanuts

Haggle late in the day, the week, the month

Sat pm a good try

Each salesman will be able to offer this, that, the other, to fulfill his quota. Only he knows if one more sale will bring him a free meal/bonus/promotion/world tour

Even a 12 month free sub to PCAdvisor!!!

And by haggle, I mean H A G G L E. You ever bought a car?

You can ask for lower price but you are more likely to win on free software, free extra memory, free upgrade of screen/hard drive etc

So long as you remember there is a point beyond which the salesman cannot go

Be reasonable, and be happy with the deal

Don't EVER pay for delivery

Don't ever pay for extra warranty

And if it all falls apart you can always go back and order online can't you?

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