dell hell rip off! -help

  j55ndy 12:00 12 Oct 2005

hi saw an add for an insirion 600, clicked on it, 4 hours later received the blurb re spec,IT wasnt right 40gig instead of 60 etc, rang, no problem sir just cancel first order and i will get refund sorted IN 2 DAYS, , i can place correct order for you, now i did this emailing that i would go ahead only on the proviso that the first was cancelled, after 4 days oh by the way you cant cancel 1st order- upshot i now have 2 laptops on there way, dell say they wont cancel as I ORDERED AS A BUSINESS customer, there terms say they have right to costs etc if you dont accept delivery, they dont want to hear there employees are lying consistently, bottom line is they say they wont refund, ideas....apart from dont deal with dell ...EVER!

  WhenHeavenTouchesEarth 14:24 12 Oct 2005

Were you buying them for business?

  Magik ®© 15:05 12 Oct 2005

they must be doing something right, they sell thousands and thousands of PC's, I cancelled an order and it was no trouble at all, then i reordered........all went without a hitch...

  j55ndy 19:05 12 Oct 2005

The order was originally on business, then when i realised the order was incorrect, they said they would cancel and I put the new order through on personal card-however 4 days later they say you cant cancel a business order- and guess what the second order was placed as a business order without my say so, but hey thats not cancellable either!

  Forum Editor 19:09 12 Oct 2005

and they wouldn't be doing that if they weren't running an efficient business.

Please don't alledge that Dell employees are "lying consistently" because that's a libellous statement, unless you have cast-iron proof that it's true (which you don't).

In addition, don't say things like "dont deal with dell ...EVER". It's for other people to make up their own minds about who they deal with, and only a fool would boycott a company because of one person's bad experience.

Presumably you have a copy of your email cancelling your first order? If you do, send it to Dell with a reminder that you made the cancellation on their recommendation. Tell them that you do not intend to pay for the cancelled order, and that you will refuse to accept a delivery of unsolicited goods. Say that you withdraw your consent for your credit card to be charged for the first order, and tell them that you are notifying your credit card company accordingly. Do all this without being rude, and without making any silly allegations about their staff lying.

Notify your credit card company that you have cancelled the first order, and that you have told Dell they have no authority to charge the account for it.

Something has obviously gone wrong somewhere - Dell are not known as an inefficient organisation. What they will not tolerate is rudeness to staff - and there's no reason why they should. The way to get results is by being polite - don't approach Dell in the way you approached posting this thread.

  d mc g 20:06 12 Oct 2005

hes right just because u had a bad experiance doesnt mean that they are inefficient if they were inefficient would they sell 150,000 computers every day

  j55ndy 09:22 13 Oct 2005

firstly you are correct I have a copy of that email confirming the 2nd order was only to be placed after the first had been cancelled.The only proof I have is that, I spoke to 5 people who all said they had/would confirm the cancellation by email before a lady advised that dell never refund to a business customer, lets be honest were all 5 trained so badly, that they did not know this, and then failed to get back to me? So lets not get pot calling kettle black, how did you know what proof I did or didnt have. I agree, everyone should research companies more before buying, I have learned from my mistake, however do go and have a search for dis-satisfied clients there are absolutely loads. I will leave others to judge in this instance as to why dell have been inneficient, oh and by the way who has been rude to their staff? I realise where you are coming from ed although I would say you seem to have made a few assumpions at this point that are all unfounded, I have worked with the public for over 20 years and never had anything but pleasure in doing so, especially when dealing with problems, if I had no experience in this I WOULD UNDERSTAND your comments, however I was never anything other than polite, so the way i approached posting this thread , ed? the points re the credit card etc are all in hand, as is my case with trading standards, thanks again

  fitcher 12:39 13 Oct 2005

surely e mails are automaticaly saved for you in your email ..(even if delleted)I often go back over them to verify any past ones ,,so you can retrieve them and print out for proof of recieving or sending of bills etc .I use wanadoo by the way .

  wee eddie 16:51 13 Oct 2005

by e-mail.

I know that you sent e-mail saying that you would only go ahead with the second purchase if the first purchase was canceled.

But that is not the same thing.

Like all big businesses, it is necessary to tick each box before moving on to the next, and Dell employees have many boxes to tick.

An "If" cancellation, which is what you appear to have sent, may not be a Cancellation in legal terms.

  Forum Editor 17:59 13 Oct 2005

I beg your pardon?

I repeat - you do NOT have cast-iron proof that Dell employees are "lying consistently". I can say that quite categorically, so we'll have no more of your 'pot calling kettle black' remarks if you don't mind. You may think that staff were lying, but you do not have evidence of it.

What you have - and all you have - is a copy of the email you sent. I have made no incorrect assumptions at all - I deal with facts, and the facts are that you have no way of proving what was, or was not said to you over the phone. Understand that and you'll be on the way to dealing with this in a proper manner.

As for your comment that you were "never anything other than polite" - that certainly isn't the way you approached this thread. Your title alledges a "rip-off" - again you have no evidence whatsoever that has happened - and you accuse Dell employees of lying.

That is not the way to get results. If you want help we can offer it, and I've already done that. I suggest you concentrate on resolving the matter.

  j55ndy 23:44 13 Oct 2005

dear me, , i am sorry your tones are a little muted..what was that you said....., help!!! i assure you I know when i have been lied to, I had a conversation with a manager there who told me he knows that it goes on and cant do anything about it. Sorry you feel some sort of persecution complex over this and my initial "unpolite email tone, really! goodness me when someone promises to refund you £600 then 4 days later refuses you might feel somewhat miffed", or have you been out of the real world a little to long, and you want to with hold some sort of help because of my tone **** **,(read again and compare to this other rather half hearted aggressive rant from ed thanks but no thanks.jeez.....oh and by the way,the bit you were trying to say was I dont have cast iron proof all dell employees lied to me, just some!as for the rest well you decide incompetence or lying, not the quality of service I expect, make a mistake or two no problem,five times hmm, get to a senior manager, you expect a little emore than im sorry about that but they should have told you that before. and yes it does happen more often than we'd like..hmmm, ps ed dont bother with a reply, im already gone....unless of course you want to keep up appearances ;-)

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