Dell - and a hard disk crash

  OlduserII 10:44 05 Aug 2005

Recently a friend of mine had her hard disk go on her Dell Dimension - still under guarantee. The machine was collected, repaired and returned quickly and efficiently. BUT on return it was found that
1) BIOS was set to a partitioned disk ((this one was not) and was set to show a floppy drive present (this machine has no floppy)
2) The old hard disk was not returned neither did Dell have the courtesy to check with the customer how they should dispose of it. Quite a serious failing these days I wouls have thought
3) When the machine left it had separate DVD & CD drives. When it came back it had a combi.

Can anyone tell me please if this should be accepted as normal practice and who do I contact at Dell who will get something done. So far its been like contacting a sponge. Whatever is said elicits vague promises of action and very little in the way of apologies for the mess up

Thank you anyone in advance.

  Belatucadrus 11:21 05 Aug 2005

Is this normal practise ? No, repairs to any component under warranty should not involve changes to any others, particularly where it degrades the specification.
Who to contact ? When I had a delivery problem with Dell, I used this e-mail address [email protected] quoting all relevant transaction details, original order number, Service tag No and the tracking number. The whole thing was handled quite effectively by the Indian call centre. Do note any names on response messages and limit correspondence to the same person though.
You could also drop their complaints people a line click here

  spuds 11:41 05 Aug 2005

Make the contact as suggested by Belatucadrus, and see how they reply. With regards to returning a failed hard-drive, then Dell would not do this, as would other dealers, because they would make a claim against the hard-drive manufacturer, and proof of fault would be required. Regarding disposal or retaining of evidence on a hard-drive, ultimately this would be the responsibility of owner[ie friend], and it nearly all cases the support services make this a part of their terms and conditions.If there is any required items on the drive then it would be the customers responsibility to have a copy back-up of this.

Saying that things had been substituted, from the original specification machine to the one that was returned, would possibly suggest that the returned computer was not the one that was sent. Have you checked this theory out!.

  OlduserII 12:41 05 Aug 2005

Thank you both for your advice. I had tried that Dell complaint chnnel with ausolutely no response. I tried the help desk when reporting the BIOS problem. The lady on the help desk was most concerned and helpful and promised to take it up but again nothing happened., and so on and son!.
Yes, I did think it might not be my friend's own machine but BIOS contained the correct service tag numbeer so apart from the changed CD/DVD drives I had no way of checking - so far as I know.
Anyway, thank you again.

  Belatucadrus 14:38 05 Aug 2005

Dell postal address is :-

Dell House,
The Boulevard,
Cain Road,
RG12 1LF.

If they don't give a suitable response to e-mail or phone, try sending a recorded delivery letter to the managing director, along with copies of all correspondance. Outlining your lack of satisfaction with the situation and asking what he intends to do about it.

  OlduserII 00:36 06 Aug 2005

Thank you again Belatucadrus. Ive heard othing for three days now so looks like the letter is the only step left to take. Pity, over the years Ive bought a lot of Dell kit and this is the first time theyve let me down.

  HondaMan 18:07 06 Aug 2005

You acn always go there if all else fails!

  OlduserII 12:54 07 Aug 2005

That would undoubtedly be the best way but the cost of train/accommodation etc etc would be better applied to a new computer and forget about this one!

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