Dell - Endless Problems

  pspence 12:11 26 Mar 2003

Where do i begin.....In early December 2002 i ordered a computer from Dell. When it came time to deliver the computer i had some trouble with my landlord which culimated in me having to find somewhere else to live, at which point i had to get Dell to change the delivery address. It took about a month of phone calls to Dell, to which i might add i was told multiple times that someone would phone back but then never did. Eventually after being told that i couldnt change the delivery address but then they did what they could to stop me cancel. ie. telling me they would get the cancellation department to ring me back and guess what, no one did. Eventually after about a month i was told they could change the address and i was given a delivery date. So i arranged a day of my holiday time off work. After a few phone calls to the courier i was assured that the computer would arrive that day but guess what, no computer arrived. i phoned the courier and Dell the next day to be given an apology and a second delivery date. So i arranged another day of my time off work. No computer arrived again and i was given a third date and told i was priority and that the computer would be delivered before 12. Guess what, no computer arrived. I was told they would waiver the delivery fee and give me another date but after 3 days off work adding up to about 300 pounds worth of my time, waivering the delivery fee didnt really cut it so i cancelled the computer. In February to my horror i noticed Dell had taken the monthly payment out of my account to which i emailed and it was paid back. Early March Dell had taken yet another payment out of my account but this time have failed to pay it back. I have emailed time and time again to which i keep getting an email back saying my email had been forwarded to the relevant person. I fail to see the problem here and have taken measures with my bank to make sure thay can take no more payments but i find the lack of customer service they offer appalling for such a big company. I am really just highlighting this to help other consumers. To conclude i have recently purchased a computer from Evesham and have found the customer service to be excellent. I had a problem with my new evesham computer and it was sorted within a week and i have no problems since. Well done evesham!

  Forum Editor 18:56 26 Mar 2003

a computer you're happy with - you deserve it after being treated so disgracefully by Dell.

Time and again we here these complaints about Dell customer service in general, and about their delivery service in particular. We all know that the deliveries are made by couriers, but Dell is a big company, and must represent an important customer for any courier company to have on its books. I would have thought that by now the message would have reached the higher echelons of Dell management - your delivery service is in need of some management expertise.

In the past I have written to Michael Dell about this - but it got me nowhere. I didn't receive even the courtesy of an acknowledgement. I'm sorry you were given so many empty promises, but you seem to have sorted things out now. I hope the Evesham machine provides you with trouble-free computing for a long time to come.

  Forum Editor 18:57 26 Mar 2003

we don't here them - sorry.

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