Dell drops floppy drives in new PCs

  oresome 19:52 06 Feb 2003

I still find the floppy useful for transfering word documents. Limited capacity but every desk machine can read one.
What do others think?

  « Ravin » 20:22 06 Feb 2003

i very very rarely use them. i can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times i've used a floppy disc in the last 2 years. i got a cd writer and prefer to use mini cd-r's :-D

  « Ravin » 20:23 06 Feb 2003

should read got a cd writer with the comp...

  Kyomii 20:41 06 Feb 2003

If the comp has a CDRW then there is little need for a floppy because all desk machines have a CDROM drive that can read the data from a written CD.

Also a CD has far higher capacity so that more than just word files can be transferred.

A portable compact flash reader is also handy as a file transfer device, and the USB pen readers are becoming more common in the market, and with the introduction of Win XP there is really less need for floppies these days.

I built my latest machine without a floppy, and if you do want one, they only cost about a fiver/tenner and can easily be fitted, so its not really a problem providing the PC has a writer which most have now.

  Ixora 22:58 06 Feb 2003

Floppy drives can still be uiseful. My latest comp' has cd-writer, floppy drive and zip drive. All three are used on a regular basis. It all depends what you want to use your computer for. Horses for courses.

  TBH1 23:02 06 Feb 2003

oresome - - -with you mate, ideal for those 'little' files we move from pc to pc. I know not ideal for the "big 'uns", but there I do use CDRW. I will miss the humble floppy when it does finally go.

  Patr100 23:38 06 Feb 2003

Since new/recent PCs will boot from CD I guess the most likely use for a floppy is a cheap way to transfer or post files between users or older PCs - if they can't be emailed or you don't want to burn a single or small file on a full CD.

  Patr100 23:41 06 Feb 2003

Pens drives etc are useful but older PCs (egWin95) may not support them fully without help -and you wouldn't want to post them as they aren't as cheap as floppies -yet!

  jediknight007 23:50 06 Feb 2003

Well, some PCs do require a floppy for things like booting it up when there's trouble. I think that this move is likely to affect first time buyers since they are the kind of customers who still expect floppy drives to be present and for quite a lot of kids, floppies are essential for transporting their work between school and home. Not every school has a CD-RW installed to allow their pupils to backup their work. Floppy drives are much quicker but I would expect Dell to at least add a Zip drive since that is a mix between a floppy and CD-RW.

  Spook Tooth 00:51 07 Feb 2003

Dell machines, like many others now have their own 'designer' facsias, often ommiting space for any additional drives, won't be able to fit one very easily, without a dremmel then.

Floppy disks, owing to easier formatting can transport and archive useful files like your Internet Favourites list, for one thing. CDs, owing to the usual ISO Joliet or whatever CDFS format used will make a hash of long Favourites names, owing to incompatibility with the often super long names sites give on particular parts of their index. Pain in the xxxx to edit all of those, so I use floppy disks, if ever I think I need to keep the Favourites/Bookmarks I have for transfer.

Jedi is spot on - what about all those kids? Floppy disks are very resilient in some respects, bouncing around school and college bags - CDs get smeared to non readible state by gooey handed kids. Maybe zip disks then, or everyone should have their own USB drive stable state memory pen. But where'd you leave it last?

  Pumas 01:04 07 Feb 2003

I need my floppy to transfer midi files between my computer and keyboard.

(the musical kind)

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