Dell - Do I Or Don't I?

  Genius1 15:46 04 Nov 2006

I am looking at the Dell Dimension 9200 customised with Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor, 500GB hard drive, 2GB RAM and 256Mb nVidia GeForce 7900GS graphics card. 19" TFT monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and monitor speaker bar are included. This comes to around £1130.

My question is, how reliable are Dell? Are Dell really better than Mesh? I have heard far more positive reviews regarding Dell customer service than Mesh's customer service.

Any comments would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:54 04 Nov 2006

Both offer good quality systems at good prices. Both also suffer from very noisy complainants. Those who buy systems, from both Dell and Mesh, then have no problems, are in an overwhelming silent majority.

  Sloper69 15:58 04 Nov 2006

I have used both with differing experiences.

Dell generally give good customer service and repond to any problems quickly. However, their delivery charge is a bit steep and needs to be considered when purchasing.I have had no delays or arguments from them at work when items have needed to be replaced or been recalled. However, some customers have reported problems with the sales side of the process.

Mesh have an efficient sales team and their delivery charge tends be cheaper. However, some customers have reported problems with their after sales service when things have gone wrong, with messages not responded to and given deadlines not being met.

You need to research both - there are plenty of forums - although you need to remember posts are usually from people with poor experiences.

Finally, Dell is a larger company than Mesh with a better known global name.

  JoE. 16:09 04 Nov 2006

For a little under 2 months now with no fuss. Alright it's not quite as powerful as your system, but Dell does the business for me.
My uncle also uses a Dell laptop for his business and AFAIK it's done him well, too.

  Belatucadrus 16:40 04 Nov 2006

My Dell laptop has been totally reliable and when I screwed something up Dell customer service responded extremely well. Dell have also been standard fit at my previous employer and the College when I went back to get me sum more edification.

  Sloper69 17:14 04 Nov 2006

I am using the Dell D510 from work to write this as the Elite2 desktop system I bought from MESH has had to go back.

  anskyber 17:20 04 Nov 2006

I have the predecessor 9150 with similar spec to your possible purchase I bought it with the RAID 1 configuration. So fat (7 months) it has been faultless. The only blue screens have arisen from my error.

  season8 17:23 04 Nov 2006

At work normally we buy either Dell or Toshiba.
For home use or when advising family & friends it's either Rock Direct, Evesham or Novatech, each make sturdy laptops that are well built and seem to last well. But Rock just come out on top.

As for Mesh, yes they sell a high amount, but i do wonder with all the posts here about them whether they have a problem with their customer service, if they could get that in order then i would seriously considor them.

  season8 17:30 04 Nov 2006

Dells service is 1st class, but some of their laptops seem to be under spec for the price, ringing them up or looking in the Sunday papers for the latest offers is a good way to get a good deal, Dell make solid laptops. Customer Support is good.

Mesh seem to have a lot of posts here and on other forums about there customer support service and also build quality, until they sort out i would not buy from them.

Rocks build and customer support/service is 1st class and i can not fault them.

Novatech also have a good reputation for making good pc's and laptops and service and support is good & is on par with Evesham.

  Genius1 18:50 04 Nov 2006

Thanks everyone for your prompt and useful advice. I will almost certainly be going with the Dell system on these recommendations and also with the knowledge that I have heard many more complaints about Mesh than Dell. Considering Dell are larger than Mesh, you'd have thought it would be the other way round!

  anskyber 18:58 04 Nov 2006

A recent survey by a well known consumer mag reported that: Desktops not requiring a repair since Jan 2003
Dell 86%
Mesh 68%

The mag went on to recommend Dell.

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