Dell Dimension or Evesham Evolution (or Axis)?

  JulieR 17:31 20 Jun 2003

It is time to replace my 4 year old Gateway PC and, after some consideration (and much scanning of this forum)I have narrowed choice to Evesham or Dell.

I am looking at a 2.6GHz processor - the Dell Dimension 8300 fits the spec and is cheaper than the equivalent Evesham, however, I have some concerns about whether the quality of tech support is as good as this is a major factor.

If I go for Evesham, what should I consider when chosing between a Pentium and Athlon based system?

Another key factor for me is noise level as my current Gateway is extremely quiet. Any experiences would be most welcome.

Main usage of PC is Internet access and office applications. I would like to try video editing of our camcorder footage, but this is a minor use and would not be a key factor in choice of machine

After many months of reading, this is the first time I have plucked up courage to post, so hope I have got it right.


  Sir Radfordin? 18:21 20 Jun 2003

If the Dell has everything you want at the price you are happy to pay then that would be my choice. Dell generally have a very good reputation both for products and support.

  ams4127 20:24 20 Jun 2003

Welcome JulieR.

I am biased as I have just bought an Evesham with which I am delighted. Yes, there were a couple of very minor faults which have been corrected by Tech Support. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

My personal choice would be the Pentium, especially if you are thinking about video editing. Others will say different!! It is also considerably quieter than my last machine which used an Athlon.

In the end all you can really do is sift through all the advice, brochures etc. and take the plunge. Good luck and Enjoy!

  james99 18:51 04 Jul 2003

I'm in precisely the same position as JulieR. My Gateway PC is still working fine after 4½ years, but at 350Mhz can't really cope with digital photography. If I could buy another Gateway, I would.

Having read the posts about Evesham, Dell and Mesh, I'm inclined towards the Evesham.


  rugbymadbloke 19:08 04 Jul 2003

Just brought a Dell Dimension 8250 3.06ghz and very happy withit, Dell support were very helpful!

More to think about!

  Smudge 01:24 06 Jul 2003

I'm looking at the Dell Dimension 8300 too-good looking spec.

I have the feeling that DELL always include the latest spec of everything-or is this just my impression?

  james99 10:55 10 Jul 2003

I ordered an Evesham by phone on arrived Tuesday morning! No problems setting it up, and though I've had a couple of problems since, Evesham phone support have been very helpful, and in fact it turned out that the problems were nothing to do with the PC.

I'm now in the process of transferring files, getting used to XP, and cleaning up my old PC so that I can give it to my daughter's school (she hates going to school, but she has to....she's a teacher!)


  BeesFan 12:36 10 Jul 2003

I have just had a Dell PIV 3.06 system delivered and its mind bogglingly good value

Go to their site and see if there is an evalue code available

I just bought code 200-D52REV which is an absolute top spec machine and worked out £450 cheaper than the Evesham machine I was going to buy.

No axe to grind with Evesham or Mesh but I spent two months saving/researching and then along come Dell with this machine and its....WOW!

Oh yeah took 6 days from order to delivery

  Smudge 13:22 10 Jul 2003

Just ordered a Dell Dimension 8300 last night-2.6ghz Pent 4 with hyperthreading, Intel 875 motherboard, 80gb HD, CDR/W and DVD-ROM (seperate), 17inch Dell DVI flatscreen TFT, Radion 9800 graphics card, etc etc for £1000-got 10% off plus double memory (512kb DDR400) and a free printer!.

Amazing value.

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