Dell Dimension 2400 + Dell A920 all in one printer

  biobird 12:52 10 Dec 2003

Is this too good to be true?

Dell are offering the Dimension 2400 with:

Celeron 2.4GHz, Windows HP Home, MS Works 7.0, 128 (333MHz) DDR RAM, 40 GB IDE hard drive, 15" monitor, Integrated 10/100 NIC, Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics, Soundblaster Compatible On-Board Sound, 20/48 CD-ROM Drive

and with: Dell A920 all-in-one printer (till 24.12.03)

but without: speakers, floppy drive or modem

for: £299 plus VAT, and perhaps plus delivery, depending which salesperson you speak to, i.e. £351 or £408.

This is to replace my husband's 11 year old Dell and 11 year old Epsom printer, both of which are still going strong, but whose life expenctancy must now be limited, and an elderly Xerox photocopier. His 9 year old spare Dell has just expired. My son has a 4 year old Dell laptop which has always performed well, so we have an affection for Dell, despite seeing recent complaints about its after sales service.

It is a low specification, I know, but he has no need for speakers, or graphics upgradability, or number-crunching power. It is only for wordprocessing and emails, so I would add a modem. I wonder whether 128 RAM is enough? I could add another 128.

The Dimension seems reliable, but I have read a few complaints about the A920 printer's paper feed on an American Dell users' forum. Apparently, having a pinch roller on only one side causes paper jams, or crooked printing.

Any advice?

  Hyperangelic 16:28 10 Dec 2003

no-one is answering because they've all zoomed off to Dell to check it out.

As am I!

Sounds excellent. If the specs are suitable for your husband, it looks like a win-win situation. Don't know anything about the Dell printer... anyone else got any info?

  Trackrat 20:51 10 Dec 2003

These are just rebadged Lexmark

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