Dell Dimension 1100 - suitable for Sims games?

  hockstar 21:14 21 Nov 2005

Looking for (very) cheap PC for surfing net & palying odd Sims game. Dell Dimensions 1100 at 299.00 looks a good deal but not sure whether it's OK for games?

  keewaa 21:23 21 Nov 2005

try evalue code 1 - d11111 for the 1100 main box @ £170, if you have an old screen you can use.

"Games" and "cheap" live on different planets.

  Starfox 21:27 21 Nov 2005

Sorry,but I don't think you will be playing many games on that pc.

As keewaa says games and cheap are not words that go together well.:o)

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:46 21 Nov 2005

""Games" and "cheap" live on different planets."

Unless the games are very old.

  keewaa 21:57 21 Nov 2005

Yep, "games" can mean many things ... I'm sure "the odd Sims game" would be OK on it, just check the spec required for the version of Simms you are using.

If you're thinking of modern fast moving chart topping games, then it would be the wrong PC, but you'd be looking at nearing £1000 for a PC to play these.

Depends what you mean by "games"

  Sirpad 09:54 22 Nov 2005

Sims games do not require speed. They only really require enough disk space and sufficient memory. I had a look at the 1100 you mentioned and you should have no problems playing Sims games. Just remember that it can only be installed and played by an administrator (which means having to give one of the kids Administrator privileges..yikes).

  Tim1964 23:52 22 Nov 2005


How did you find the Dell 1100 base unit for £170?

The minimum I got it down to was £233,


  keewaa 09:14 23 Nov 2005

Try clicking onto the small business section first, and then the evalue link. I don't understand, but it has shown a higher price for me sometimes coming from the home section. Also reduce the warranty to 90 days ... but going through the small business section should work for some strange reason.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:28 23 Nov 2005

click here
HotUKDeals :: Promotional codes, discount codes and forums :: UK deals, discount codes, vouchers, bargains and forum

This site lists lots of good Dell deals at times and is worth keeping an eye to.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:29 23 Nov 2005

E-Value Code: 305 [first box] d11111 [second box]. Select 90 day collect and return option for the lowest price.

On the small business site

  gudgulf 09:55 23 Nov 2005

This model has been the subject of a number of threads recently.......and I'd like to sound a note of caution.

The onboard Intel Extreme 2 graphics may or may not support any game you want to play.

If it does then for a casual gamer playing older games you should be fine.

But it may well not meet the minimum requirements for more up to date games and they might not play.

This is where you will hit a problem....the motherboard on this pc does not have an AGP (or PCI-e )accelerated graphics slot.So you wont be able to add a seperate graphics card(other than a very lowly pci slot one if you can find one).

This pc looks to offer a really good value workstation.........the downside is it is not designed with any upgrades in mind.

If you want to be able to run any game you buy then you should look elsewhere

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