Dell Desperation

  Smallus Minimus 14:21 23 Apr 2004

We have purchased a handful of computers from Dell over recent years. As I believe is the norm, we have also had a number of problems relating to the various systems. Although on occasion we have been fortunate and received reasonable (and even good) service, on the whole it seems to be getting worse and worse...

I am beginning to conclude that I should just expect virtually worthless 'technical support' from Dell. It takes the biscuit though, when even the 'sales service' can't come up with the goods!

I ordered a Latitude notebook about 30 days ago from Dell Outlet (expecting delivery in 5 working days). Numerous attempted phone calls & 78 emails (& hundreds of lost business hours) later, I am still no closer to this elusive notebook than before I placed the order!

Various Dell reps have kindly offered me numerous apologies and 'I'll look-into-its' and assured me that my order is on 'high priority' and will be shipped 'ASAP' - but all I ever receive are new computer-generated(?) Order Confirmations.

I am now absolutely despairing over this Dell order, and I've run out of ideas on how to get through to them. I have even asked them to just tell me straight if they are UNABLE to deliver, or prepared to cancel the order - but no meaningful response to that either...

Am I alone in this experience? Can anyone suggest anything at all (already considered emigrating but I'm not convinced the problem's confined to UK!)? Does there exist a formal complaints procedure within Dell?

Needless to say, we intend NEVER to shop from Dell again.

We do however still need a new notebook, not to mention a new desktop (I?m dreading that one!). Can anyone recommend any reliable computer suppliers (preferably with reliable tech support)? Do any actually exist?

Like everyone else, we just need to get on with our work and (rather regrettably) need to use computers to do so... And we?re getting desperate!

  bertiecharlie 18:40 23 Apr 2004

Phone them up and ask for the name and telephone no. of the Chief Executive and don't be afraid to phone the bloke up. He's only another human being.If you don't want to do that tell them you wish to make a "formal complaint" and ask them what their complaints procedure is. Get the name of whoever you speak to. I have a Dell desktop and it was delivered within four days so, like most companies, they can be good. In your case, however, the service appears to be dire.

  Forum Editor 18:57 23 Apr 2004

and we can help you to sort it out. Dell have made great strides with their customer service of late, and I know they're trying hard.

Send an email to: [email protected] and tell him I recommended that you do that. Provide John with full details of your order and leave it to him - I know he'll do what he can to help you. Perhaps you'll let us know how you get on?

  ened 07:15 24 Apr 2004

So nothing changes then......
Smallus Minimus your post could be a carbon copy of what I might have written4 years ago and bertiecharlie I tried that as well.
I lost count of the number of girls with a pleasent Irish lilt who told me that it would be alright now because she personally was taking charge.

  Forum Editor 07:37 24 Apr 2004

was four years ago - let's deal with the present shall we? As I said in my earlier post, Dell have worked hard to improve their customer services operation, and feedback from customers has shown that it's made a difference. All suppliers (bar none) run into problems from time to time, and that's why we prefer to deal in specifics rather than generalisations - particularly when the generalisations are based on years-old experiences.

  steve0 07:53 24 Apr 2004

Have bought 2 Dell notebooks recently - Inspiron 5150. Both arrived within 5 days - you can track exactly where the item is via their web site. Quite interesting watching how it gets signed on to the ferry from Ireland - anyway both arrived in good time.

First machine had a problem booting up. Phoned dreaded technical report in India. Have to say the person I spoke to was very good, and talked me through reseating one of the Ram chips that fixed the problem. She also gave me her personal email number so I could deal with the same person if there were problems in future.

Second machine had no problems. It does seem that you can get good service from Dell, or perhaps I was lucky. do I go about cancelling my Tiscali broadband account - problems here of a different order of magnitude!!

  Smallus Minimus 10:05 24 Apr 2004

Thanks for the feedback - it's great to know you're all out there!

Forum Editor - I'm encouraged to hear that Dell do possibly care about their customer service. It's a good start. I will most certainly attempt the John Lundberg contact and keep you posted.

Bertiecharlie - I've already tried requesting info on their formal complaints procedure. The question has so far been ignored! I'll have a shot at the Chief Executive in due course.

Steve0 - Glad to hear of your recent successes. Regrettably the online tracking system doesn't work in my case. It just informs me that there seems to be a problem and that someone will contact me. The first time I tried it, someone did contact me.. with assurances etc. This week there's been zero contact aside from a computer-generated acknowledgement.

Steve0 re India tech support: As it happens I have also been on the phone to them this week due to an Axim X3 bluetooth SDIO malfunction. No such luck for me this time! After the chap tried to tell me it wasn't Dell's problem, I persuaded him to allow me to talk him through (isn't it supposed to be the other way round?) my re-loading of the software - after which he conceded that there was indeed a problem! He promised to resolve the problem and call me back. Not fully trusting his good intentions I obtained his email address (and spelt it back to him twice). When he didn't call back the next day, I attempted emailing him, only to discover he doesn't exist!
Having said that, the previous time I was in touch with India, the chap I spoke to was great. His name was Kirin, and if only I hadn't binned his email address...!

  only me 10:39 24 Apr 2004

there is a book called"KELLY'S directory/which lists companies and their executives? i know i can get it from Library

  Smallus Minimus 18:09 26 Apr 2004

[email protected] has proved to be something of a ray of sunshine in my otherwise dell-darkness. He actually appears to have identified the problem!
I still have a slightly sick feeling when I consider the state of play, but it does seem that the issue is now in the hands of somebody particularly competent who is accustomed to getting results.
In fact the more I think about it, the more hopeful I'm beginning to feel.
Thanks Forum Editor. I will keep you updated.

  Smallus Minimus 18:12 26 Apr 2004

Thanks for the Kelly's referral - hopefully I won't need it, but you never can tell...

  Forum Editor 19:33 26 Apr 2004

and I'm sure he'll do whatever he can to help.

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