Dell delivery woes

  boozhound 21:05 15 Jan 2003
  boozhound 21:05 15 Jan 2003

Having read reviews of Dell Inspiron laptops in the past, I decided to purchase an Inspiron 8200 online a few days after Christmas. I had no difficulties choosing and ordering, however getting delivery was another matter. When I received my Dell Customer and Order Numbers I started to check online every day to see what progress was being made. Every time I checked I got a message saying it was unable to find my order. Eventually after several days of this I e-mailed Dell to ask what the problem was. They e-mailed me back asking me to get in touch with Walsh Western who they use for delivering. They also gave me a different order number. I used this new number to access the Dell site and discovered that my laptop was in the Walsh Western depot in England. Obviously I had been given the wrong order number. I contacted Walsh Western to arrange delivery. I asked them to deliver after 1300 on Wednesday 15th Jan. They agreed, but said that they could not guarantee a specific time.

On Wednesday I arrived home at 1220 and waited. I checked the web site and discovered that they had tried to deliver at 1040. I phoned and was told that they could not arrange for the driver to return that day. I explained that as I am a teacher I could not get time off work until the next holiday near the end of February. I cannot just walk out of a class, nor is it fair to expect others to do my work for me. I live alone so there is no-one to wait for delivery and apparently Walsh Western do not do weekend deliveries. I was told that I could phone Dell and asked them nicely to give me permission to pick the package up at the Walsh Western depot. However I do not drive and besides I have paid for the package to be delivered to me. Dell charge £58 for delivery and I am now expected to pay for a taxi or bus in addition to that exorbitant fee. No way.

They Walsh Western representative was unable to do or say anything helpful. I have now e-mailed both Walsh Western and Dell explaining that the laptop is to be sent back to Dell in Ireland and that I require a full refund including delivery charge. At £58 for delivery I expect a better level of service than this.

Dell are specifically targeting the home user via television adverts and are charging a huge amount for delivery using a company which is quite clearly not geared to, or interested in, delivering to the home user.

So anyone who is considering purchasing a Dell computer for home use be warned, if you want your computer you will have to ask your boss for time off, sit at home all day and pay £58 for the privilege.

  Magik™ 21:28 15 Jan 2003

I am at a loss to know why Dell use walsh western, my inspiron 8200 was promised on 3 seperate occasions, i got in touch with Dell, i got in touch with Walsh Western, only to be told by them that they has given it to Amtrak. it was then promised for a monday evening delivery by dell, so save having any more time off, just on my way out on the saturday, and amtrak turned up.

got in touch with Dell, and got my delivery costs the way, the inspiron 8200 is one great laptop....

  spuds 23:37 15 Jan 2003

Delivery companies are trying harder to meet customers time schedules, by offering various levels of delivery arrangements. One courier company that I use, now offer deliveries before 10am, after 12 noon and even deliveries upto 8pm, and Saturday's upto 3pm, but of course all these arrangements cost extra money.For the £58.00 Dell charged, I would have thought that a delivery time agreement, would have been easily arranged.I would suggest that you get back to Dell and make this approach to them.

  boozhound 17:15 16 Jan 2003

Just had a call from Dell, they are arranging for the laptop to be delivered tomorrow evening and are refunding my delivery payment. If all goes well, my faith in Dell will be restored.

  flick 23:25 20 Jan 2003

Having previously moaned about Dell pricing confusions I have to say in their defence that the laptop I ordered was promised in 7 to 10 days, on the the 5th day I was phoned at 4.30 and delivery was offered in 2 hour intervals from 8 til 6. We agreed on 12 til 2 the following day and it arrived at 12.15.

I live in central London and that might make a difference.

No complaints there obviously, and the laptop is everything I expected of it.

  boozhound 01:04 21 Jan 2003

Laptop arrived just after 6pm on Friday. Delivered by Fedex. Excellent customer care from Dell, but I am still at a loss as to why they use a delievry company which is obviously aimed at the business user, for a delevery which is obviously a home user. The laptop however is excellent.

  alipally 20:09 24 Jan 2003

After reading reviews on Dell's delivery I still decided to go ahead and order a Pc from them but braced my self for along and difficult delivery, (despite what I read I decided to go for a name I could trust after continuous problems with my Tiny PC) any way, you can imagine my surprse and delight to find my order arrive today only 6 days after I ordered it! I agree with the below statement about the trouble with their order tracking, it never managed to reconise my order number and I was a bit miffed that I was not emailed to let me know when it would be arriving as they had promised (it was lucky that someone was home) but I am not letting that spoil the fact that it arrived quicker than I had been told and in perfect working order...well done Dell!

  miles3 11:52 29 Jan 2003

I ordered a Dimension 4550 on 22/1/03 , tried unsuccessfully to order it over the net , ended up calling the Dell sales line . All I got was an e-mail booking reference which when you use the on-line tracking a message says they are unable to find the order. I've spent an inordinate amount of time on hold in a call queue system , ended up speaking to a very unhelpful Walsh Western who 'could not help as my Dell booking refernce was not sufficient'.
Back into the on hold call queue system, eventually track down a 9 digit refernce .
Back on to Walsh Western , I was 'told' not consulted on the delivery , it would be today Wed 29th Jan, and 'told' it could be anytime between 8am and 6pm . I asked for either an am or pm delivery , again to be told no , it's not in their contract. I'm paying £58 for delivery , I expect some co-operation , I asked if the driver could csll me when he was in the area so I could rush home , again , NO.

I was transfered back to Dell customer services who were completley unhelpfull. They blamed the sales person who should have told me that for the pleasure of £58 delivery I would have to be available from 8am -6pm .

This is not good service , I asked for the Customer Care Director/Manager to call me ,as I was completely unhappy.

Still no call back from Dell. So anyone considering buying a computer from Dell , be warned , It could be a very expensive day off work. !

  boozhound 14:56 29 Jan 2003

Even though the matter has been settled to my satisfaction, and I am delighted with the laptop, I have to say that I still fell irritated that I had to go through all that trouble. In my case Dell did sort it out and did refund my delivery costs, but I would never want anything to do with Walsh Western again. I just had a £2000 camera delvered from a company in England and was given a choice of delivery times, all for £8.95. If they can do it, so should Dell.

  Kilobyte 23:09 29 Jan 2003

Dell delivery charge at £49 + vat is surely the most expensive of the major computer manufacturers?

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