Dell Deals.... Is this a good one?

  Jamesy 11:10 04 Nov 2005

I've configured this deal on the Dell Small Business Site, includes their latest offers, seems the best value there...

Dimension 5150
Intel 640 3.2Ghz 2mb cache
19" Dell 1905 FP TFT Monitor
2 x 160 GB 7,200 RPM HDDs
256MB PCI-E Radeon X600
16x DVD Writer
Win XP Home
includes free Dell 720 Printer

£680 Ex VAT inc delivery (which is what I will pay)

Good deal? Btw, anyone know for sure who makes the newer Dell Dimension hard disks? is it western digi?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:44 04 Nov 2005

It will do all and more than you will need. Personally I would not have the printer. It is a Lexmark and the cartridges are extortionate....even compatibles. I've ordered many Dells and have never been let down ...always with speedy delivery. The HD is not named on the site configurator but Dell always use quality parts. You will noit need the 3yr return to base option that is ticked by default. Unticking this will save you £100+


  961 11:47 04 Nov 2005

It's often worth ringing the sales line and seeing if you can charm an extra £50/£75 off. If the guy is near his sales target for the day/week/month you can sometimes make surprising progress, especially if you say you'll "think about it" and perhaps ring back

  Jamesy 20:13 04 Nov 2005

I tried the sales line... omg.... Dell has an overseas call centre for sure... I got put through to a receptionist who I could barely understand and who was located in god knows where. She said she'd put me onto her sales rep colleague, and then I went straight to his voicemail.....

No chance of getting a rep of Dell to speak to in the UK then. what a joke.

  961 12:06 05 Nov 2005

See Dell have adverts in the Saturday papers offering an extra 5% off your configured system if you order on line this weekend

  Jamesy 23:15 05 Nov 2005

thanks 961, but that offer doesn't apply to systems brought through the small business link which is what I'll be using (to get out of the VAT!!)

Anyway I've figured out if you play around with the Dell configs on each system you can find a very good deal, often better if you play around a little, maybe to slightly better than what you were interested in....

Check this, configured today for £718 Ex VAT and including delivery (yes you heard that right, and I will SELL the printer for £20 so it's really £700!!!)

Dimension 9150
3.2Ghz P4 2mb cache with HT Technology
1024MB DDR-2 RAM 533Mhz
19" Dell 1905 FP with DVI
2 x 160 GB 7,200 RPM HDDs Stripe-0 RAID
Nvidia Geforce 6800 256MB (Gaming Beast!!)
Win XP Home
16x DVDR+- & 16x DVD ROM
Free Dell 720 Printer

Jesus... now that is a good deal!! I think I'm gonna bite and actually buy this, damn I can't surely complain for that price... configure this on the home user link and it will set you back £1,100 ish!!!

  Sirpad 02:45 06 Nov 2005

I think it's a great deal Jamesy. I bought a 5150 recently but with only a 17 inch monitor, 2.8Ghz and 80g HD for about 660 (I did untick the 3yr service and I did get MS OFfice though).

I did get hold of a sales rep but only managed to get 30 off of it (better than nothing).

  brettwier 15:00 06 Nov 2005

that is a good system but your opting for the p4 windows xp, is there more value and is it wiser to go for the system upgrade with the windows media center and pentium D processor ? this is the problem i have

  Jamesy 15:06 06 Nov 2005

sirpad, can you help me out a little here...

who makes the hard disk in your comp? i've not had a definite answer on this... and how loud is it? i dont like maxtors or western digis because they always seem noisy to me lol...

and generally, the systems are meant to be whisper quiet, is it really? i ask because i have in my bedroom, often on overnight you see....

and finally, how does she perform? :)

also to brettwier: as i've said in a previous thread, you will find a lot of differing opinions on the dual-core cpu if you do a search for reviews of it. for instance, i googled it and most sites say that for games, the performance is worse because games dont optimize the processors, maybe because they're too new i dunno. but for heavy multitasking, and when i say heavy multitasking i mean multitasking where u are running say video encoding and watching a dvd and burning a dvdr at the same time, dual core is better. but for general multitasking, where u are say surfing the web, using chat programs, listening to music etc at the same time, u will see no difference because those tasks are not cpu intensive. from what i hear, only if u regularly perform multiple tasks that are CPU INTENSIVE AT THE SAME TIME, not one that is with several idling in the background as i do, currently with the expensive price of these dual-cores, it is not a wise option to go with them at the moment... sheesh... u can tell i've researched this :)

  Sirpad 13:28 10 Nov 2005

Jamesy, sorry it took so long for me to reply. Like you I have not had a definite answer on the HD manufacturer. All it says is that it's '80 GB SATA/ 7200rpm with 8MB DataBurst CacheTM 1'

As far as quiet? It only seems to rev up when I insrt a CD/DVD. I live in a house with 3 kids so in comparison it's silent.

As far as being happy with it. Yes, it's performed flawlessy so far.

  Jamesy 21:29 10 Nov 2005

nevermind sirpad, thanks for coming back ;)

Looking in Dell's site in the Support area clicking User Guides brings up a manual for all of Dell's PC components sorted by type. According to that section, they use a variety of different manufacturers for their hard disks, probably allocated to a system based on stock levels. So it's a bit of a lottery with regard to which one you'll get... but I'm sure it'll be a good performer, as Dell have chosen it.

Glad you're happy with your comp ;)

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